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maid service helps remove toilet bowl ring How to Remove Toilet Bowl Ring | House Cleaning Sacramento

Toilet Bowls are dirty. However, it doesn’t have to be the most unpleasant. Regular House Cleaning does the trick to ensure that germs, odor, and grime don’t remain – that is, the toilet ring bowl. Hold up. Discolorations don’t only happen because of poor House Cleaning. Toilet bowl rings are caused mainly by your water quality that’s staying unused for a long time.

The House Cleaning team in Sacramento has enlisted numerous ways to remove the toilet bowl ring using household items that you already have in your pantry. While a lot of House Cleaning products are available for purchase, you may try these cheap alternatives. Enjoy your bathroom experience with a clean and grime-free toilet.

Toilet Cleaning. If you already have one, we assume you have one; you may try to deal with toilet bowl rings using the most straightforward House Cleaning product. Regularly clean your them with this and get rid of bacteria, too.

Borax + Vinegar.

Borax is known for its disinfecting power. Mixing it with vinegar makes it an all-purpose House Cleaning product. Start by sprinkling Borax and vinegar separately onto the toilet bowl and dissolve them in the water using a toilet brush. Let it stand for 30 minutes and gently scrub the toilet stain. To rinse, flush as usual.

Baking Soda + Vinegar.

The acidity of the vinegar is the key element to dissolving the minerals that cause the toilet stains. When added to the neutralizing power of baking soda, the mixture causes the fizzy reaction that does the stain removal function.

Vinegar alone will work well with toilet bowl rings, too. It is a trusted House Cleaning agent for removing limescale caused by hard water. It is the best alternative to commercial cleaning products.

Pumice Stone.

The House Cleaning specialists in Sacramento recommend using a pumice stone as its abrasive texture can bust through even the greasiest deposits. Keep re-dunking pumice stones into the water while cleaning and ensure clean it, too, after use. First, wear rubber gloves. Then, using the pumice stone, gently scrub the toilet bowl ring.

Magic Eraser.

If you’re used to using magic erasers as a scrub, this time, you’ll have to cut 1/4 of it and leave it overnight. You may use the remaining cuts into scrubbing if soaking alone won’t do the job. Remember not to flush the magic eraser! It may cause toilet blockage. Fish it out.

Denture Tablets.

Surprised? Yes, denture tablets work well with porcelains such as toilet bowls. Simply drop a tablet into the toilet bowl and allow the fizzing to do its magic. Follow the cleaning process by scrubbing the toilet bowl once the fizzing has stopped for around 30 minutes. Flush, and be amazed.



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