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We cannot rid our houses of boxes of unsorted photos, paintings, letters, popsicle stick creations, gifts, and other memorable things. How many of us have them? A lot has the desire to hang on to items with emotional and sentimental value. However, sometimes doing House Cleaning and breaking free can be rewarding.

The  House Cleaning experts in Sacramento believe that our urge to hold on to our meaningful possessions is normal. It is well-known that sentimental clutter can be the adult equivalent of a teddy bear. Maybe, getting rid of sentimental clutter is a tedious House Cleaning task. However, letting go of some things is relevant for our growth as people.

Set a Timeframe

Make a time limit to avoid getting yourself overwhelmed. It is helpful to do your decluttering sessions within or under three hours. When you feel emotional while sorting, ask a family member to help you in this House Cleaning task.

Sorting Things Out

To sort your clutter, label three boxes: donate, keep, and trash. It can help you sort things smoothly. If some items are enormous, use colored sticky notes to know what box those things belonged to.

While you declutter, ask yourself these questions from our House Cleaning experts in Sacramento.

  1. If someone you don’t like giving that item, would you still keep it?
  2. Does the item trigger happy memories?
  3. If you had to purchase an expensive item, would you?

If your answer is no to more than one question, then you should get rid of that thing and toss it to donate or trash boxes.

Take a Second Look at the Difficult Items

If your keep box is still full, take a second look at those items. In most cases in this House Cleaning chore, you will find items you will feel comfortable donating. If it’s difficult for you, take a photo of it. You can now let go of them, you will still see them through photographs.

Toss and Donate

This House Cleaning step will be a bit easy when your things are already sorted into various boxes. If you’re still hesitant about parting ways with those items, always remember why you made that decision and be firm about it. 

For items in good condition, thrift stores and donation locations should be called first before visiting to be sure that they are accepting those items.

For an object that needs to be tossed, you can decide based on the number of items and your timeline.

Highlight Items You Want to Keep

Now display the items that you decided to keep that you’ve been successful in doing House Cleaning and freeing up space in your home. It will strengthen your connection with that item and ease the guilt from decluttering.

The House Cleaning experts in Sacramento state that decluttering is a hard House Cleaning routine but once you’ve done it, it will give you space and ease that you may be looking for for a long time.

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