Methods of Cleaning Your Babies’ Toys to Keep Them Germ-Free

maid service that helps clean babies toys

The toys and play area surfaces of your kids can be a source of microbes and viruses that can disseminate from infants to toddlers to adults, potentially causing diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic makes illness and infection prevention even more challenging. While daycares and children’s centers have their own rules for toy cleanliness, you may work on House Cleaning your baby toys safely and successfully at home using the practical House Cleaning alternatives recommended by the House Cleaning experts of Sacramento.

The House Cleaning Sacramento team recommends House Cleaning baby toys regularly. Even spot cleaning can aid in the elimination of unwanted microbes. But several situations necessitate extra House Cleaning or even disinfection, such as:

You have been on a playdate with other kids who are putting their toys in their mouths.

Your child or one of his friends has fallen ill.

A toy has been contaminated with food, vomit, or mucus by other children.

Water and Soap

Washing with antibacterial soap and water is an efficient House Cleaning technique to limit bacteria and viruses from spreading. Sanitize some of your children’s toys with dishwashing soap and warm water.

However, the House Cleaning experts of Sacramento discourage you from washing any electrical toys powered by electricity and immersing them or placing them in soap and water. Never wash batteries-powered toys with lights and music with soap and water since water can destroy your kids’ toys.

Toys Made of Plastic, Metal, And Rubber

If a toy is dishwasher friendly, you can save time by tossing it in with the other dishes. To prevent them from melting and mangling, you need to use the top rack.

Disinfect washable, nonporous toys using diluted bleach. Start by wiping away any filth. Next, you have to soak the toys in a bucket with a gallon of water and 1/3 cup of oxygenated bleach for the entire five minutes. Afterward, wash them with water and let them completely dry before allowing your kids to play them again.

You have to remember that the bath toys are not germ-free just because they are in the tub.


You can wash stuffed animals, comfort blankets, and loveys in the washing machine. To safeguard the things, tuck them into a pillowcase or lingerie bag.

Pro- House Cleaning Tip

You have to make sure that these toys do not contain any batteries or other electronics, or else you might disappoint your kids if they find out it is no longer working. 

When it comes to electronics, you have to follow the manufacturer’s House Cleaning and disinfection guidelines. Consider these broad House Cleaning actions if you do not have the instructions and cannot find them online:

  • Lift the batteries from the toy or unplug them.
  • Wipe or spritz the toy’s surface using alcohol-based wipes or spray. Avoid liquid from getting into the electrical components.
  • Using a moist towel, wipe the toy’s surface.
  • After cleaning down the toy, allow it to dry completely.

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