Microwaves have Microbes Too: Tips from House Cleaning Sacramento

housekeeping microbes from microwaves Sacramento

Food sanitation is a habit often neglected by many. There are many diseases caused by improper handling and preparation of food. The food you eat, if not properly handled or cooked under sanitary practices, could contain bacteria that could later harm your digestive system or cause food poisoning. Aside from always making sure to routinely check expiration dates of the food you store in your pantry, it is also important to make sure to clean the tools and appliances you cook with. 

Microwaves bring convenience to homes by easy re-heating and preparation of microwaveable food. It is essential to most homes since it’s easy to press just a few buttons to finish the job from warming baby’s milk to reheating leftovers. Although microwaves bring much convenience to homes, cleaning microwaves is a task often overlooked by many.

House Cleaning Sacramento pros emphasize that it is important to include cleaning your microwave to your House cleaning routine to ensure proper sanitation of the food you eat. Little do you know that you might have bacteria thriving in the corners of your microwave that you use to warm your food and even your baby’s milk! Hidden in the corners of your microwaves could be nasty germs just waiting to contaminate your meal due to the splatters of food and other substances accumulated inside your microwave over time. This is why an essential part of House Cleaning is to spot-clean your microwave. 

House Cleaning Sacramento shares quick and easy tips on how to spot-clean your microwave for a safe and healthy House Cleaning routine;

  • Use safe ingredients to clean your microwave. Did you know that you can make use of safe and effective House Cleaning materials already available in your home? Readily-available House Cleaning products in the market could be harmful to use, most especially to clean appliances that you use to prepare food due to the chemicals added in the cleaning products. However, your kitchen could have just the stuff you need to get rid of the nasty germs inside your microwave!
  • Lemons and Vinegar are proven to be effective in House Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, you’re your microwave. This makes cleaning safer and much more affordable, so you don’t have to worry about the risks of having chemicals on your food!
  • It is also necessary to make sure to clean every corner of your microwave including the turntable and the back of your microwave door. This is to make sure that you don’t miss any spots that might harbor bacteria. 

Prevention is always better than cure, that’s why House Cleaning Sacramento – Maggy Maid reminds you to stay away from food contamination – it’s time to get up and scrub that microwave clean!


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