Proven Tips to Mattress Cleaning


Clean Your Mattress With These Simple Steps

You regularly wash your bedsheets, but do you know how to clean a mattress? You and your kids sleep on it every night and it is proven to collect dust, body sweat, dead skin, pet hair, dirt, and other debris over time. Without proper regular cleaning, mattresses can become an environment for dust mites, bacteria, mold, or mildew, which creates unpleasant smells and cause irritation especially for those with allergies.

Learn how to keep your mattress clean to make it safe and comfortable

To keep your bed fresh and odor-free, Our Maggy Maid Sacrament to recommends to follow these tips on how to clean a mattress, remove mattress stains, and prevent dust and bacteria growth. You’ll sleep better knowing your bed is clean!

First Step

Vacuum the Mattress to Remove Dust

For regular matress cleaning, plan to vacuum every month to remove dust and debris. If you or your family members have allergies, consider doing this each time you change the sheets. Run the vacuum slowly over the mattress so it has time to draw in the dust and dust mites. Use crevice tool for the edges.

To clean a mattress more effectively, cleaning experts at Maggy Maid suggests letting the kids jump on the bed for a few minutes before vacuuming. It helps to bring the dust and dust mites to the surface, where they are easier for the vacuum to inhale.

Second Step

Beat Your Mattress Annually

Ensure to remove dust from both sides of your mattress annually for the most thorough cleaning. Once a year in the spring, haul your mattress to the patio, brace it against the back of your home, and do like what your Grandma used to do: beat it with a broom on both sides. “The dust that flies is amazing.” Alternatively, you can vacuum both sides well.

While you have the mattress removed from your bed frame, don’t forget to vacuum the box spring, too. Lightly spritz the mattress with straight distilled white vinegar to help kill bacteria and mold and discourage dust mites.

How to Remove Mattress Stains?

For best results, you should treat any mattress stain immediately. The longer liquids sit in a mattress, the likelier they’ll foster mold and mildew growth and it will cause a permanent stain.

Our team of professional maids recommends using foaming shaving cream to clean a mattress because of its thickness. “Liquids soak right through a mattress, not allowing sufficient time to dissolve the stain”. “Foaming shaving cream contains denatured alcohol, which is a stain remover, and it’s thick, so it sits on the surface to work on the stain.”

Wait for only 10-15 minutes, wipe with a damp cloth, and rinse with a 50-50 vinegar-water solution. Repeat if necessary.

Try these other helpful solutions for removing the most common mattress stains:

How to clean blood on a mattress: Clean with a 50-50 hydrogen peroxide-water solution.

How to clean urine, or vomit on a mattress: Try an enzyme cleaner, such as Bac-Out by Biokleen ($10, Target) or Nature’s Miracle ($12, Target), typically available at pet stores.


House cleaning solution

How to Keep Mattresses Cleaner Longer?

Remove Mattress Odors
Use a mixture of cornstarch and baking soda to remove unwanted smells. Shake it onto the mattress, let sit for an hour or two or longer, then vacuum.

Air Out Your Mattress
When laundering bed sheets, strip the bed in the morning and don’t put new sheets on until evening. “Allowing the mattress to air all day discourages dust mites and bacterial growth,” Proven tip.

Add a Mattress Pad or Protector
Always remember, mattress pads and protectors aren’t just for comfort. They keep your mattress cleaner, too. So wash your mattress protector monthly in hot water, and machine-dry thoroughly unless the tag instructs otherwise.

When to Call Your Professional Maggy Maid House Cleaner?

When you don’t know how to clean a mattress with serious stains, consider calling your most trusted house cleaning professionals. Hiring someone who will clean with steam rather than chemicals, which irritates some people.


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