Top Uses of Toothpaste To Your Household

Several Uses of Toothpaste for Your Household Chores

What Are the Uses of Toothpaste at Your Home 

You may use the same toothpaste you use to brush your teeth to clean various surfaces in your home. Learn how you can eliminate cuffs and stains from walls to shoes with the same abrasive action. You will be suprised on how many items in your home (and to you) that can be fixed with toothpaste. 

The Maggy Maid Housekeeping Team in Sacramento listed some of the oddest and unconventional cleaning task using a toothpaste. Be a home cleaning master using this delightfully minty substance. 

Cleaning Your Piano Keys With Toothpaste

Put a small amount of toothpaste to a used toothbrush and start brushing your dingy piano keys, then wipe with a dampened microfiber cloth. For newer pianos, which typically have plastic-covered keys rather than ivory, toothpaste will work just as well. 

Refresh Used Baby Bottles at Home

Is there a sour milk odor in your baby’s bottles? Instead of dishwashing soap, add some toothpaste on your bottle brush and use it as your dishwashing soap. Rinse thoroughly after scrubbing. You can also use this cleaning method on other bottle containers and even thermoses. 

Getting Rid of Soap Scum 

Eliminate soap scum accumulation on your shower doors and fiberglass shower enclosures with a dampened microfiber cloth and a dab of toothpaste. To avoid watermarks, rinse with a clean towel soaked in water and buff dry. 

How to Clean Soap Scum With Toothpaste - Maggy Maid Housekeeping

Clean the Sink in the Bathroom

Do not simply rinse away toothpaste that has fallen into the bathroom sink. Use a moistened cleaning sponge to wipe off the entire dish. Rinse well and pat dry. It will even leave a minty fresh scent in the drain. 

Remove Crayons from Your Walls

Did your child colored your wall? Grab a cleaning towel or a scrub brush, as well as a tube of non-gel toothpaste. Using a small amount of toothpaste, scrape the artwork and rinse well with a wet microfiber cloth. In no time, your wall will be back to normal. 

Cleaning the Toilet With Toothpaste

If you run out of cleaner and need to clean the toilet fast, you may squeeze some toothpaste into the bowl. Scour away using the toilet brush. The toothpaste will erase stains while also leaving a pleasant scent. It will not disinfect the toilet and kill microorganisms, but it will suffice in an emergency.  

Can You Use Toothpaste as Pimple Treatment?

According to a study, It’s a big NO, Toothpaste on a pimple, quite apart from offering no real benefit, may actually cause harm. Some acne treatments share bacteria-killing properties with toothpaste, but they’re two different products designed for separate uses.

Can You Use Toothpaste to Relieve Mosquito, Bug Bites, Sores, and Blisters?

MedicineNet answered Yes, Just apply a significant amount of toothpaste to your affected area and make sure it covers the area adequately. Another helpful ingredient in toothpaste is baking soda. It has been used for soothing inflamed skin and reducing itchiness and irritation for years. To soothe irritation and reduce swelling, apply a drop of toothpaste to a bug bite or insect sting. When applied to sores or blisters, it helps dry them out, enabling the wound to heal more quickly. It works best if you use it overnight. 

Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites - Maggy Maid Housekeeping Sacramento

So next time you’re faced with a challenging cleaning task or looking to solve a common household problem, consider reaching for your tube of toothpaste. With its abrasive properties and mild cleaning agents, it might just surprise you with its effectiveness. And for all your housekeeping services, you can always ask for a free quote at Maggy Maid Sacramento.



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