Space Saving Hidden Storage Ideas

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After a thorough House Cleaning of your home, it is sometimes difficult to find nice storage to keep some things around the house and organizing your stuff, and other times you want to hide any of your precious collections that no one can think of. 

House Cleaning Sacramento provides you the best DIY storage and unique ideas that give you all of the space that you need to get your home organized without piling tons of boxes in the closet.

Fridge Gap Slide-Out Pantry

The small space between the refrigerator and the kitchen wall works as a perfect spot for a DIY roll-out pantry. House Cleaning experts say that all you have to do is to categorize, organize, and line it up. It will be convenient to just grab the things you are looking for by pulling your slide-out pantry. It will save you much less work when House Cleaning.

Rollout Shelves

This rollout shelving helps you to use wasted space and design these into hidden storage areas. It may be small but it adds more storage than the normal laundry shelf would hold and lessens House Cleaning and visible clutter in the laundry room. 

False-Bottom Drawer

So much about House Cleaning, a secret compartment created by working a false-bottom in a drawer is something that is only known by yourself, if you wanted to secure your valuables. You need to pull off a fake bottom for storage are a glue gun, some wood strips, and plywood.

DIY Murphy Desk

If you don’t have enough space in your bedroom for a desk, a DIY murphy desk is a great choice because you have to fold it up on the wall when you are not going to use it and pull it down when you need it. Say goodbye to House Cleaning your cluttered desk, and hello to a simple desk.

Wastebasket in a Cupboard

In the kitchen, having a wastebasket can appear unsightly. House Cleaning Sacramento suggests a solution and that is to hide the wastebasket in a cupboard. Just pull down the handle, and tilt it back to being hidden in the cupboard. It will be easier to remove your trash when House Cleaning because of its tilting door.

Behind-the-Door Storage Cabinet

House Cleaning experts said, installing a storage cabinet is easy because you only needed to attach it to your door’s existing hinge hardware with no drilling, metal fasteners, or nails needed. The metal striker plate and magnets keep the cabinet attached to the door, it rotates seamlessly off and you won’t even notice when you are in and out of the room as go House Cleaning. Inside the storage area, multiple adjustable shelves with retention rods to keep your items organized when House Cleaning.

House Cleaning Sacramento experts said your hidden storage can be a secret cabinet, floorboard, or just fake bottom drawers. Having a storage space that’s hidden makes you feel a great deal of peace and a sense of security as you go along your stuff to hid for House Cleaning.

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