Spilled Cooking Oil: How to clean?

Spilled Cooking Oil: How to clean?

House Cleaning may be a little challenging, especially after cooking. As we all know, spilled cooking oil is hard to remove without the use of a degreaser. Spilled cooking oil on the burner and in the kitchen tile due to droplets from cooking may be removed after the cooking process to avoid hurting yourself. What more if the cooking oil accidentally spilled on the floor. Generally, it always leaves a stain which adds to the house cleaning process for spilled cooking oil.The best approach to remove grease is with a kitchen degreaser, but it is not always available in your home. There is some DIY degreaser that is used instead of a kitchen degreaser. The House Cleaning professionals in Sacramento compiled and presented these methods for the House Cleaning process. House Cleaning specialists in Sacramento show these strategies to educate you on how to get rid of spilled cooking oil without using a degreaser.

Safety First

Always act accordingly, be mindful that your safety must always come first in doing your House Cleaning routine. To avoid getting injured and hurting yourself, check for the cause of the oil spill first. If ever you have spilled this cooking oil while shifting from one pot to another, or it is actually from the oil splash of your frying. Either way, it is hot, and you may get burned. In this case, allow the oil to cool down before starting the House Cleaning process. However, if the oil spill is from a bottle that was accidentally slipped and spilled, it may contain a piece of broken glass. Remove the broken glass carefully with tongs and press a paper towel or bread to remove the remaining shattered glass.

Here is the House Cleaning method on how to clean spilled cooking oil without a kitchen degreaser;

Absorbent Material

Gently press a rag or paper towel on the surface of the oil spill to absorb the upper layer. Wait until the cloth or paper towel is completely saturated. Remove the rag or paper towel and do not replace it; instead, begin the House Cleaning process. Use whatever absorbent materials you have on hand, such as baking soda, kitty litter, or starch. Flour is the best option because it is usually on hand. Allow the absorbent material you used to soak for at least an hour before continuing the house cleaning process. Patience is a virtue!

Stain Removal

The long wait is over! It is time to clean up the mixture residue with a dustpan or a spatula. The stain was left behind after the floor was clean of residue. It is the most burdensome aspect of our House Cleaning approach. You can clean it in some ways by scrubbing with soap, but this procedure requires time and effort to remove the stain. However, House Cleaning experts in Sacramento show you that there is a solution to remove this stain. Just combine the dish soap and vinegar in warm water. This solution will ensure that the mark of oil spilled is completely removed during the House Cleaning process.


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