Teach Kids to Help Around the House by House Cleaning Sacramento

father teaching kiid in housekeeping

If your 30-year-old self thinks House Cleaning is boring, what more for a 7-year-old kid. If you prefer binge-watching movies over vacuuming, kids would opt to play too, rather than organizing toys. If a polished floor and a well-maintained wall keep you sane, kids would rather draw and write on them instead of cleaning them. That is tricky.

Having kids around the house, when it comes to House Cleaning, can either be a mess or a blessing. The decision is up to you, as parents, how to instill the importance of cleanliness to a kid. House Cleaning Sacramento came up with ways on how to Teach Kids to Help Around the House.

1. Start ‘em young!

Kids, as early as two years old, can start helping with House Cleaning and small household chores. Remember though, to only give them what they can handle at their age. For example, you may ask them to stow their toys away, put their dirty laundry in the hamper, or as simple as, helping you carry the lighter grocery bag. Remember though, to order them in a relaxed manner so as not to overwhelm them.

2. Get them involved!

Whether it be planning what to cook for dinner, or to whom should House Cleaning be assigned, allow their ideas. This tip from House Cleaning Sacramento will get them thinking, which is beneficial, both for the kid and for yourself. This will get them excited, too!

3. Instill the values of teamwork in them.

If a child sees that his brother is watching cartoons, or that her sister is playing with dolls, and here she or he is, helping you with the laundry, she will turn from helping to lazy, in a snap. Being the House Cleaning coach in the house, it is your primary task to impart teamwork in the family and come up with one target… a clean and organized house. Get everyone helping and eat dinner or watch movies altogether after. House Cleaning is bonding, you’ll see.

4. Show them how you do it.

You can’t expect perfection from a child you’ve taught how to fold clothes in just a minute. Certain age brackets have their respective capabilities as to coping up with instructions. Teach them, not just once. Work with them, break down major instructions into smaller steps. You can even leave colorful sticky notes around as a reminder.

5. Praise them consistently. Reward them, if necessary.

Kids are appreciative. A simple “good job”, a thumbs up, and a high-five means so much to them. Be consistent in praising them as it will give them a sense of accomplishment afterward. Reward them. Cook their favorite dish, buy their favorite pizza flavor. It helps… a lot.

Imparting self-reliance in kids will help them become responsible adults, in the future. Doing House Cleaning chores together gives your family a chance to bond and make memories, too. Good luck!


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