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Hello there, sleepy heads! Do you know that you are not alone while you are lying there in your comfortable bed?

Yes, there are many creatures that share that space and they are called bed bugs, dust mites, and some sorts of bacteria. Some are harmful but most of them are not – maybe they are trying to keep up binge-watching the series with you or they have an obsession with your comfy and cozy bed. 

Jokes aside, our experts from House Cleaning Sacramento say that changing your bed sheet is not enough to get rid of the friends you have there. They highly recommend changing your mattresses but that still depends on who is/are using it, how it was being maintained, what kind of mattress it is, and what the manufacturer tells you, but for the record, we change them at approximately 7-10 years. This is not just to get away from the bacteria lying with you, but this also helps improve your sleep.

For today’s article in House Cleaning Sacramento, here are some House Cleaning how-to in maintaining and disinfecting your mattresses.

House Cleaning step 1: Tan it up

The Sun is the cheapest and most natural disinfectant that we have, it should be warm but not too humid. Simply put your mattress outside of your house or find a window where the sunlight comes in then leave them for a couple of minutes.

House Cleaning step 2: Dust it off

Before removing the dust, make sure there is no liquid wandering inside the mattress. If there is, you have got to soak them up first before dusting it off. Use a clean cloth and try to soak as much as liquid as. Once done, use the vacuum to suck the dust (and hopefully your micro-friends) off the mattress.

House Cleaning step 3: Kill ‘em

Our House Cleaning experts recommend these disinfectants to eliminate, even if not all, but almost all micro-organisms that are roaming around your mattress:

  • · Baking Soda

Sprinkle some baking soda on the surface of your mattress. Let it sit for a couple of minutes then remove them using your vacuum.

  • · Disinfectant Sprays

Before using the disinfectant spray, prepare a clean cloth dipped onto warm water then wait for it to completely dried up. Once done, you may now spray lightly on the surfaces in an across direction then wipe it off with the clean cloth you have prepared.

House Cleaning step 4: Drying

Be patient, sleepyhead. After doing the three steps, wait for it to have completely dried up before putting on the covering. Spend at least 2 or more hours on both sides, it depends on how thick the mattress is.

That is it for our House Cleaning Sacramento tips on maintaining and disinfecting the mattress. You may now say goodbye to your microscopic friends and it is just you, no one else, who is lying on the bed and binge-watching your favorite series!

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