Time Hacks: Combine Cleaning | House Cleaning Hacks

Time Hacks: Combine Cleaning | House Cleaning Hacks

As our lives get increasingly chaotic, it might feel virtually impossible to complete everything on our to-do lists, much alone find time to reconnect with ourselves or others we care about. Fortunately, there are methods to cut time off your daily House Cleaning to-do list by working smarter rather than harder. We asked House Cleaning professionals from Sacramento who have been in your shoes to reveal their time-saving hacks when it comes to cleaning.

House Cleaning Hack #1: Use the dishwasher for more than simply cleaning dishes.

If you use your dishwasher to clean dishes, you’re not getting the most out of it, says the House Cleaning team in Sacramento. Non-electrical plastic and rubber kids’ toys, refrigerator shelves, and plastic and metal garden tools are some other things you can safely wash in the dishwasher. To clean fast and effectively, rinse the items off and put them through the usual cycle.

House Cleaning Hack #2: Make your microwave self-clean.

No, really. Fill a microwave-safe dish halfway with water and add a slice of lemon. Microwave on high until it’s almost boiling. The microwave should be filled with steam, which will break up the filth! Remove the bowl using oven gloves and then a sponge to remove any lingering grime. You will still do a bit of scrubbing, but softened dirt makes the work faster.

House Cleaning Hack #3: Use duct tape to remove pet hair.

That’s correct. Duct tape’s stickiness makes it ideal for use as a makeshift pet hair extractor, and this procedure is quicker than vacuuming. To get to corners, use a sponge wrapped in duct tape. To collect pet hair, roll the paint cover over furniture or carpet. As the surface fills up with hair, add an additional video.

House Cleaning Hack #4: While you’re cooking, prepare a soapy sink.

This approach makes cleaning up after cooking a breeze! Fill your sink halfway with warm water and a few squirts of dish soap. Put used equipment into the sink while you’re cooking. Food won’t dry on things this way, and when you’re ready to clean up, you won’t have to do any additional scrubbing.

House Cleaning Hack #5: Cast iron pans should be cleaned with sea salt

You’re doing it wrong if you’ve been washing cast iron with a sponge and dish soap. Not only will this method of cleaning and scouring take time and elbow grease, but the detergent will destroy the pan and cause it to rust. A handful of coarse sea salt and a divided potato is a considerably better and faster method to clean cast iron.

House Cleaning Hack #6: Sweep up the garage with a leaf blower.

It’s quick! There’s no need to move heavy items, and you can clean work surfaces, shelves, as well as the floor. Remember to put away any papers or other things that you don’t want to be blown away. Wear your necessary protective gear before turning on the leaf blower and blowing away the dust and debris.


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