How To Clean Laminated Furniture With The Right Approach

Mold and Mildew Removal Techniques


Many families are looking for less costly home furniture with decorative features that is why laminated furnitures are considered good for residential homes. Let us understand the different types of laminates with distinct applications.

How To Clean a Laminated Furniture?

General cleaning can increase the lifespan of laminated furnitures. Remarkably, simple things like scrubbing stains, wiping grease, and blowing away dust will keep your laminate furniture looking beautiful longer. Apart from immediate spot cleaning whenever you spill something on the furniture, It is best to create a weekly routine for cleaning your laminates. Twice or thrice a week should do the trick.

Laminated Furniture Cleaning - Maggy Maid

How To Clean & Maintain Laminate Surfaces?

We know three effective ways on how to clean laminate furniture:

Clean The Surface Using Water

  • Mix water with mild soap 

Mix 15 ml of mild liquid soap to a liter of clean, warm water. Dip a clean piece of cloth in the water and let it soak until it is evenly damp. Wring the cloth and wipe your laminate surface. Keep wiping the surface until it’s spotlessly clean

  • Rinse the surface

Sometimes, residue remains on the surface after wiping it using mild soap and warm water. Thoroughly rinse your cloth and use clean, warm water to rinse the surface. Never put soap again in the water you are using to rinse.

  • Dry the furniture

Use a dry fluff-free cloth to dry the surfaces you’ve cleaned.

Laminated Wood Furniture Cleaning - Maggy Maid


Regular dusting your laminates with a soft piece of cloth will do wonders. If it’s a laminate floor, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. Dusting at least thrice a week is advisable for laminates that are not so much exposed to dust. However, laminate floors should be dusted daily, especially where there is heavy foot traffic. Use a soft-bristled broom to dust the floor.


Grease and oil stains are stubborn when left to dry on a laminate surface. Cleaning using a damp cloth or dusting cannot remove such stains effectively. You have to start scrubbing the surface using a brush. But you should be careful with the kind of brush you use. Hard scrubbers may leave scratches on the surface, making it dull and easy for spills to stick.

Here is how to remove stubborn stains by scrubbing:

  1. Mix baking soda with vinegar. A tablespoon of each will do. Add a little water to make a thick cream.
  2. Use a damp lint-free cloth to apply the solution directly on the stains. Allow at least 5 minutes to react with the stains. Then use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the stains until they come out.
  3. Rinse the affected spot with warm water. Be sure to wipe all places you applied the solution.
  4. No water should be left on the surface. So, use a dry towel or soft cloth to dry the surface.

Maintenance tips:

  1. Don’t expose your laminate furniture to sunlight to dry them. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight causes fading.
  2. Don’t use abrasives to clean your laminate furniture. They will leave scratches on the surface and make it easy for spills to soak into your furniture.
  3. Laminates warp when exposed to excess moisture. Always find a proper way to rid your laminates of excess water. We advise using a dry soft lint-free towel.
  4. Don’t be tempted to use a bleaching agent or other strong chemicals to remove tough stains from your laminates. You’ll end up with discolored surfaces.

That’s best practice on how to clean a laminated furniture at home. It’s that simple and assures longevity if you are into laminate furniture.

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