Tips To Remove Makeup Stains On Pillowcases And Bedsheets

house cleaning tips to remove make-up stains

Struggling with stubborn makeup stains on your pillowcases and bedsheets?

Whether it’s mascara smudges or foundation marks, removing makeup stains can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, because our team at Maggy Maid Sacramento compiled a comprehensive guide with expert tips and tricks to help you tackle those pesky stains. From natural and gentle cleaning solutions to effective stain removal techniques, you’ll learn everything you need to know to keep your bedding looking fresh and pristine.

Say goodbye to makeup stains and hello to spotless pillowcases and bedsheets with our tried-and-tested advice.

We delved into effective methods to tackle makeup stains on pillowcases and sheets. Check out our comprehensive guide to help you effectively eliminate those makeup stains.

Remove makeup stains with shaving cream

If you have shaving cream at your home, you can start your cleaning your stained pillow cases or bedsheets right away. All you need to do is grab it and put a small amount directly on the makeup stain in your pillowcase/bedsheets. Leave it for 5-10 minutes, and let it do its job.

After that, wash it off with cold water, and then you’re done! Shaving cream not only helps remove makeup stains but can also be effective in tackling other tough stains like grease or oil. Its foamy consistency works as a gentle yet powerful cleaning agent, making it a versatile household item for various stain removing tasks. Remember to test a small, inconspicuous area before applying the shaving cream to ensure compatibility with your fabric.

Remove Mattress Stains With Shaving Cream - Maggy Maid

Dish soap helps remove makeup stains

Dish soap has always been a part of most house cleaning items and is proven effective for removing food stains on clothes since it is designed to get rid of oils and grease. But do you also know that it works well on makeup stains? First, you need to wet the stain with water and then pour a few amounts of dish soap. Then, rub it gently with a cloth or brush. You have to do it until the stain is wiped off. Lastly, wash it off with water, and you’re done.

Remove stains in pillowcases and bedsheets using rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol Removes Stains

Rubbing Alcohol helped so much in wiping off oil-based products. What you need to do is damp cotton with alcohol, and then rub it directly on the area of your pillowcase/sheets with makeup stain. After that, wash it off with water, if there are stains left you may do it again and make sure to put a gentle amount of alcohol to avoid damage to the cloth.

Who knows that rubbing alcohol can help with your with house cleaning, we got you here!

Makeup remover/wipes as stain remover

Yes, you heard it right; makeup removers don’t only work on your skin. It can also help you with your house cleaning, just like removing makeup stains in your pillowcases/sheets. But it only works if the stains are not dried up. Just after makeup is spilled on the cloth, get cotton and damp it with makeup remover then use it to rub off the stain gently. For wipes, you may press it against the stain, and wait for it to absorb the product. Lastly, don’t forget to wash everything off with water. 

Hair spray as stain remover

Did you think hair spray only works for hair? Well, it can back you up on your stain removing tasks too. If you have lipstick stain left on your pillowcase/sheets, get a hair spray and apply some on the stained part. Just let it stay for a minute and wipe the stain our using wet wipes. You can then wash it off with water to complete the process.

Say hello to spotless pillowcases and bedsheets and goodbye to makeup stains once and for all!

With these expert tips and tricks from Maggy Maid house cleaning professionals, you can say goodbye to makeup stains on your pillowcases and bedsheets for good. Remember to act quickly, use gentle cleaning solutions, and treat the stains with care to ensure the best results. With a little effort and the right techniques, you can enjoy a clean bedding every night. 





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