Varied Means of Cleaning Your Drapes and Curtains | House Cleaning in Sacramento

house cleaning services for drapes and curtains

House Cleaning is a necessary part of your daily hustle at home. You have to keep your space safe from any particles attracting diseases. House Cleaning Professionals in Sacramento have looked up efficient means of House Cleaning your drapes and curtains. 

Window coverings, particularly those made of cloth, collect dust, dander, and odor molecules, and House Cleaning them is easy if performed correctly.

Drapes and curtains that are dusty and dingy are not only unsightly, but they can also be a health hazard for allergy sufferers. 

Vacuuming Draperies

Removing draperies and curtains from windows and placing them flat on your bed is an effortless House Cleaning means to vacuum them. Use the upholstery attachment on your vac cleaner to vacuum draperies weekly. Cleaning your drapes with a vacuum once a week will help lessen allergies. If you have a pet, pick stubborn pet hair off the cloth with a lint brush or the sticky side of duct tape while vacuuming.

Washing Curtains and Drapes

Washing curtains and drapes on a gentle cycle in mild to warm water with mild detergent is the best House Cleaning means.

Make sure not to overload your washer by washing one window treatment at a time if your drapes are long, and avoid cramming too many curtains into a single load if your drapes are short. 

To properly refresh draperies and neutralize odor molecules, use a moderate detergent with a mild odor.

Find a spot to hang the draperies and let them air dry after washing them in the machine. If you are short on room, combine washing machine loads with air drying cycles. Check the moisture level of the drapes that are now air drying regularly, and start the next set in the washing after they are almost entirely dry. 

That way, you will not have a pile of damp curtains to deal with, which will make your window coverings wrinkly.

Replace the curtains on their hanging rods once they have air-dried, and use an odor-eliminating spray to combat any lingering odors. 

Spray evenly from top to bottom while holding the spray bottle twelve inches away from the curtains to keep your curtains smelling fresh, enhance air quality, and jumpstart your spring House Cleaning.

After washing the draperies in the washer, find a place to hang them and allow them to air dry. Combine washing machine loads with air drying cycles if you’re low on space. 

Check the moisture level of the draperies that are now air drying, and start the next set in the washing machine when they are almost dry.

How Often Should You Clean Drapes or Curtains?

Remove your drapes and curtains and deep clean them once every three to six months, or once a year for heavier or intricate House Cleaning window treatments, by hand, machine, or professional cleaner. 

The House Cleaning experts of Sacramento aim to supply you with daily cleaning tips for your House Cleaning needs. Stay tuned for more!


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