Warning Signs On Hiring Cleaning Services

bad cleaning services alert

It’s sad but it’s true; there are many house cleaning companies out there that want to take advantage of anyone. As a matter of fact, it is mainly the reason why homeowners end up missing out on the benefits that come with hiring trusted maid services. That is why Maggy Maid cleaning services hiring in Sacramento gave us some warning signs that you may be getting bad services from your house cleaners.

Extremely Low Rates

Everyone knows that quality comes at a price. This is not to say that affordable maid services cannot be trusted. If a company is offering you a very low price for their services, there are chances that they have different motives. It is frightening to think that these suspiciously low rates could be their way to gain access inside your house only to steal things from you.

Other startup house cleaning companies tend to offer discounted or low rates in order to run their business and gain the trust of the clients. So it is not always fair to classify that all low-priced house cleaners can’t be trusted but rather, we can consider doing a background check on the maid service company. We cannot jump to conclusions without legitimate proof.

Business Not Registered

Legitimate house cleaning companies are registered, like the Maggy Maid’s house cleaning in Sacramento. They run their business under state laws and they also have to pay taxes. Unregistered maid cleaning services hiring can do as they please. They can evade taxes so they can maximize their profits. But these unlawful acts can be considered as a warning, too, that you may be dealing with a company that lacks integrity.

Does not have a permanent address

Most maid services can be hired through online booking or over a phone call. This is very convenient for homeowners, and it often makes you forget that a business that is purely online-based cannot be trusted. This is generally how scammers run their business because they cannot be traced if things suddenly go ugly. With that being said, the permanent address provided on their website must be checked and verified before they can be hired.

Cleaners are not insured

These kinds of circumstances must be put into careful consideration when hiring house cleaners. There are times that these may come in the form of injury to the homeowners or cleaners. So, both of you must be protected in case a problem arises in the future.

For these reasons, house cleaners must be insured and bonded. It is also very important to note that insurance and bonds must be renewed yearly so house owners should ask to see proof that the cleaners have valid insurance cover. If an employee of the maid cleaning company is not insured, it is considered to be a major red flag that must not be taken lightly if you are looking for a trusted maid. Sacramento House Cleaning added.

So in conclusion, do not let the “bad” guys keep you from finding yourself the perfect house cleaners. All you need to do is to make sure that the house cleaning services are free from any major red flags and make sure to choose a reputable company.

If you are looking for a legitimate and professional maid service, Maggy Maid’s cleaning services in Sacramento is the right choice for you! Connect with us and get a free quote today.


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