4 Helpful Kitchen Organization Ideas by House Cleaning San Diego

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House Cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean just literally “House Cleaning”. It covers a lot: from scrubbing to tidying up, to throwing junk, to organizing. Let’s admit it, an organized kitchen gives us a lot of ease moving around while cooking… whether it be a grand kitchen or not.

Feeling intimidated? Completely normal. Imagine the amount of stuff you have to organize, to begin with: grocery supplies, kitchenware, condiments, containers, cooking pots… the list goes on. However, imagine cooking in and House Cleaning a kitchen where everything’s stored properly. House Cleaning San Diego came up with the 4 Most Helpful Kitchen Organization Ideas to make cooking even more fun, minus the struggle in navigating around your kitchen stuff.

Helpful Kitchen Organization Idea #1: Make use of omitted spaces that seem useless.

Got that tiny gap between your fridge and wall? Instead of leaving it empty, letting dust and food debris residing in that space, (adds to your list of House Cleaning, we know) why not utilize it as a pantry instead? Organize it as you would see in supermarkets: labeled, first in – first out.

Utilize the sides of your kitchen countertops. If it ain’t a bother to the walkway, why keep it empty? House Cleaning San Diego suggests you pin in utility hooks. You never know how much you can hang in that wasted space. Choose between hanging your cooking utensils, or bulky kitchen stuff like colanders and cooking pots, to maximize space. Got everything stored? A towel rack, perhaps? Or your favorite plant. Get creative!

Don’t forget that space above your fridge, too!

Helpful Kitchen Organization Idea #2: Shelves are space savers!

Running out of space horizontally? Make use of vertical spaces! Floating shelves don’t just add a stylish vibe to your kitchen, it surely is very helpful as far as storage is concerned. Not to mention there’s not much House Cleaning to do as compared to cupboards. Show off your spice rack or flashy dishes in-tended for special occasions. Remember to keep them almost or within your reach!

Helpful Kitchen Organization Idea #3: Sort by categories!

Forget about color-coding. It may look cool, but not when you’re already multitasking cooking. Sort your kitchen items as to how you use them. Separate baking tools with cooking tools to avoid digging up and ending up with a messy kitchen drawer again. Put your morning coffee routine needs in one area near your kettle, House Cleaning San Diego suggests.

Helpful Kitchen Organization Idea #4: Invest in drawer organizers!

Keep your drawers clutter-free by installing in-drawer organizers. Keep all spoons in one organizer; and in that same drawer, divide them amongst knives, forks, cutleries, in general.

For deep drawers, stack properly instead of throwing them all in, unorganized. Wide and deep drawers are perfect storage of large pots and pans.

Organizing surely reduces effort in House Cleaning. Might be a lot of things to do at first, but you’ll surely reap the benefits of an organized kitchen.

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