5 Uses of Dish Soap Besides Washing Dishes by House Cleaning San Diego Pros

dish soap for home cleaning

Are you looking for some efficient tips for your House Cleaning chores?  

House Cleaning should not overwhelm you. This time we will learn some useful ways about the several functions of dishwashing soap other than washing dishes.  

Dishwashing plays a crucial role in House Cleaning. Your dish soap can be an alternative to numerous house cleaning agents. 

While dishwashing soap is an excellent dishwashing cleaner, it has several uses apart from its commonly known function.  

Our House Cleaning San Diego team has gathered a list of dishwashing soap that does not include washing dishes. The list provided will give you more ideas for your house cleaning maintenance.  

Germ Killer Hand Wash Soap 

No more supply of hand wash soap? Dish soap is not only a House Cleaning agent but also a germ remover. However, never use this as a permanent replacement for your handwash soap as it is not suitable for your delicate skin. If you use this long term, it may cause your hands to dry out and get irritated.  

Flea Killer 

Does your beloved dog suffer from creepy crawlies like fleas? Prepare the bath for your dog. Lather your dog’s fur and wait for the fleas to drown and slowly get killed in a few minutes. However, experts do not recommend you to regularly use dish soap when bathing your dog, for it dries off its skin. If your dog is suffering from fleas, dish soap is not a permanent solution; it’s time to contact a vet.

Stain Remover 

Use dish soap to remove the stain from your clothes. Grab a dishwashing soap and mix it with hydrogen peroxide. Submerge your shirt in a few minutes in the solution and watch the stain gradually dissolve in the water.  

Laundry Soap 

Are you wondering what to replace your detergent soap when it is not available? House Cleaning San Diego researched that you may use dish soap as an alternative to detergent soap. 

Detergent soap and dish soap have the same formula. How do you use it? Use it the same way with the detergent soap but only pour a little amount into your fabric-loaded washing machine. Dish soaps tend to create more soap suds than detergent soaps, too.  

Jewelry Cleaner 

Are you looking for a convenient household solution to clean your pieces of jewelry? The solution sits on your sink. Mix the warm water and dish soap in a bowl; then, soak your jewelry in the solution. Allow your jewelry to sit for a few minutes in the solution and brush them when needed. Rinse the jewelry using tepid water and dry them off using a paper towel. 

There is so much to House Cleaning than just the tiring chores. You get to discover household hacks that make you one wise human being. House Cleaning San Diego has more tips and tricks for you!  

Stay tuned for more House Cleaning wonders! See some on our other blogs HERE.


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