7 Techniques for Getting Rid of Kitchen Odors

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Consider some DIY remedies to get rid of tough-to-get-rid-of kitchen odors, such as fish or smoke.

1. Lemons must be boiled.

The House Cleaning experts in San Diego recommend steaming a lemon to get rid of undesirable odors. Cut a lemon in half and cook it for 10 minutes in a pot of boiling water. You might also simmer any remaining lemon peels or pieces from your meal. For more odor eradication, add a teaspoon or more baking soda to the water recommended by the House Cleaning authorities in San Diego.

2. Overnight, let a bowl of baking soda or vinegar out.

According to House Cleaning specialists in San Diego, leave a bowl or two of baking soda or vinegar out from the countertop overnight if your dinner left you with lingering scents. Preparing with one around to remove aromas as they occur is recommended by House Cleaning experts in San Diego.

3. Make sure the windows and range hood is open.

According to the House Cleaning experts, one of the easiest ways of getting rid of odors is to keep the windows and use the vent over your stove, if you have one, to waft them out of your home. Whether you’re preparing stinky foods like fish or broccoli, be proactive and turn on your vent and open some windows – ventilation is crucial, per the House Cleaning experts.

4. Make a potpourri on the stovetop.

Even when you’re cooking, according to the experts at House Cleaning, you can make your home smell nice without using air fresheners, candles, or potpourri. Create your homemade stovetop potpourri using everyday household goods like fruit peel, banana peels, clove, cardamom seeds, herbs, and other herbs. Mix all of your ingredients in a saucepan of water and cook on low flame throughout and after cooking. On a dry winter day, the heat will also absorb foul odors, but it will also help hydrate the air, as House Cleaning experts recommend.

5. Consider using a splatter screen for a charcoal filter.

When you’re going to be frying up some bacon or fish, an odor-absorbing charcoal splatter screen is a great alternative, according to the House Cleaning specialists. Its charcoal filter absorbs aromas and protects the stove and tabletop from grease splatters when cooking.

6. Apply coffee grounds as a filler.

Who doesn’t enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed morning coffee? According to the House Cleaning experts, brewing a fresh pot of coffee or spreading coffee grounds in shallow bowls about your kitchen can help absorb cooking odors.

7. Use vinegar steam.

Vinegar steam can be used to neutralize strong odors in the same way as boiling lemons or making a stovetop potpourri can. To absorb any odors in the air, combine half a cup of vinegar with one cup of water and simmer on the stove while you cook (or after).

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