A Fool-proof Method of Taking Care of Oil Spills in Your Kitchen

house cleaning services takes care of the oil spills in the kitchen

Cleaning up spills is a hassle that everyone tries to ignore. So many House Cleaning professionals in San Diego have collated information to help us out. If you have ever spilled vegetable oil in your kitchen, you know how stressful performing House Cleaning is if you treat it like any other liquid. 

The House Cleaning team in San Diego cooked up an efficient procedure for House Cleaning oil spill on your floor.

Spills of Oil in the Kitchen 

It is likely that if you have spilled vegetable oil on your floor or another surface in your home, it happened in the kitchen. Most people get tempted to wipe the oil off floor surfaces with a microfiber cloth, but this will merely spread the oil and cover more surface area.

House Cleaning Step 1

When you have spilled oil in the kitchen, you may want to start working on your House Cleaning right away. The oil will be dangerously hot if it comes straight out of the pan or if the fryer overflows. Even if it sounds counterintuitive, you should let the oil cool for a few minutes. 

House Cleaning Step 2

After making sure no one was hurt, you will want to close up the spill’s whole area. Even when the oil is cooled or cold, it poses a significant risk of slipping. 

House Cleaning Step 3

You can start House Cleaning once the oil is cool to the touch. Fortunately, most House Cleaning items you will need are already in your kitchen or easy to obtain. Begin by collecting some old microfiber cloth and carefully soaking up the oil with the House Cleaning cloth in a dabbing motion. Soak up the residue with a hefty dusting of corn starch, baking soda, sand, or salt. Once the substance has absorbed the oil, scoop it up with a dustpan and discard it in the trash can.

Mix some grease-busting House Cleaning soap with warm water and mop up the oil residue.

House Cleaning Step 4

You can avoid many cooking oil spills by properly disposing of any leftover cooking oil in the kitchen. You may also recycle your leftover cooking oil into useful, environmentally beneficial biodiesel if you have a lot of it on hand. 

Remove the Oil from the Tiles on the Floor 

You will need to clear up the oil stain once you have absorbed the spilled oil from your floor to avoid stickiness or a slippery surface. If you have spilled oil on your linoleum floor, you can remove the stain with a House Cleaning mixture of dishwashing soap, baking soda, and warm water. Next, scour the area with your House Cleaning brush.

Before treating vinyl flooring with vinyl floor cleaning, you have to clean it down with warm water. 

To eliminate oil from ceramic floor tiles, infuse white vinegar and hot water in a bucket, then gently dab the surface with a microfiber cloth.

Stay tuned for more House Cleaning tips from the House Cleaning experts of San Diego.

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