Appliances That You Forget to Clean by House Cleaning San Diego

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House Cleaning San Diego has looked up several appliances that you forget to clean when working on your House Cleaning routine.


The area behind your refrigerator is probably the nastiest two square feet in your home. It is a prime breeding ground for dust, gunk, and a slew of other particles that have accumulated behind.

To vacuum, move the refrigerator and mop up any spills. Then run the vac cleaner onto the refrigerator coils behind or underneath your fridge to lessen tension on the motor and lengthen its life.

Fix any loose door gaskets by looking up replacement part numbers in your owner’s manual and looking for new gaskets at home improvement stores or online.

You may clean and sparkle the inside and outside of your fridge with soapy water or a combination of water and distilled white vinegar. Wipe down shelves and crispers every week, or if a spill transpires. Using a damp microfiber cloth, wipe fingerprints off stainless steel exteriors. 


When it comes to House Cleaning, vacuum cleaners handle the majority of the heavy lifting. Cleaning your vacuum will ensure that the House Cleaning potential persists for manifold years. 

Commence the cleaning of your vacuum by replacing the bag and cleaning the filters. If you do not have a container, clean the canister with a mild detergent and set it aside to dry. If you can detach the hose, cleaning it out with a broom handle and dryer sheets taped to the end is a brilliant idea. Just be mindful not to puncture or tear the hose, so take your time. 

To extract the entangled hairs and threads from the beater brush, use a pair of scissors and needle-nose pliers. 

Washing Machine

If you have not provided your washing machine with any tender loving care lately, your favorite outfits are not getting the attention they deserve. 

Clean the gasket with a cleaning solution made from white vinegar and warm water. Soak some towels in the cleaning solution, then set them on the seals for about half an hour before clearing away the deposit. 

You can now use the hottest setting on the washing machine, but instead of clothes and laundry soap, you can use a good dose of white vinegar. Afterward, run the washing machine with just hot water to clean it out. 


When did you last check your microwave with a critical eye? You may want to give House Cleaning your microwave a thought.

Begin by cleaning out the microwave of any food scraps and residue. 

Use your all-purpose House Cleaning citrus item to scrub down its door and walls in a gentle manner. Things may appear to stay in good shape at the moment. However, you can decide to take your microwave House Cleaning to the next level.

House Cleaning San Diego desires to help you with all your House Cleaning responsibilities by providing you with efficient House Cleaning hacks. 

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