Back-to-School Organization 101

house cleaning services for back to school organization

It’s that time of the year again: the most loved, or sometimes hated of students – the back-to-school season! Good news for moms out there. You now have more time to do House Cleaning when school starts. Well, that can be exciting and overwhelming for students and parents at the same time. But let’s start with this question, “How do we prepare for back-to-school season?”

The House Cleaning San Diego team has prepared these top 5 house cleaning and organizing tips that will surely help you kick start the school bell season. So take this ample time that you have and organize ahead, so you or your child or your younger siblings are stress-free. Then, ready or not, we’re heading to school!

1. Prepare.

Avoid the back-to-school rush. Start by organizing your school stuff from last year, do a bit of House Cleaning, and check on items that you can still reuse this school year. Make a list of what to buy and what not to stock up on supplies of socks, pens, and notepads. Keeping extras of school essentials is a must.

2. Review.

During the entire vacation season, toddlers, in particular, probably have already forgotten what they learned from the previous school year – time to dig in those books and start House Cleaning. There you will find last year’s textbooks. Take that time to review. Besides, learning shouldn’t stop in summer. Start engaging yourself or your child ahead of time as you prepare for another school year.

3. Organize your shoe area.

Keep your shoes organized. This tip may seem like the least to prioritize, but you wouldn’t want the dilemma of hurrying up for the school bus while still trying to find the other pair of your school shoes. Assign an area meant for school footwear, and try not to mix it with bedroom slippers or rubber shoes. A tip than can save you time according to the House Cleaning specialists in San Diego,  is to never put muddy sneakers beside clean shoes.

4. Do a wardrobe check.

Some vacations are too long; you didn’t notice you are either getting fat or getting thin. Checking on your wardrobe on the first day of school may end you up in clothes which are either too fit or too loose. House cleaning prior will also give you ample time to check on outgrown shirts or worn-out jeans. Now’s the perfect time to alter damaged clothes or go shopping for new school clothing.

5. Prepare a room conducive to learning.

If you have a quiet, spare room, make it a homework or study area. Start house cleaning by getting rid of unnecessary clutter. Bed and a study table beside each other is a bad idea. Setup cork boards, study lamps, table calendars, and more. If a room isn’t feasible, a desk will do.

House Cleaning experts in San Diego’s most-suggested rule is to avoid last-minute preparations. The back-to-school season doesn’t need rushing. Take your time. Make your first day of school count!

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