Bathroom Cleaning Guidelines

Bathroom Cleaning

We all want a clean bathroom environment. However, keeping a speck of dirt, mold, and rust-prone space clean can be difficult. However, it is essential to take care of your bathroom, as a lack of respect and consideration can cause lasting harm to your favorite bathroom suite over time. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune on cleaning agents, and most household items, such as vinegar, are ideal for keeping your bathroom sparkling and dirt-free. Here are some guidelines given by the house cleaning San Diego on maintaining and cleaning your bathroom.

  1. Give yourself an advantage by getting a head start.

According to Maid Service San Diego, squirt toilet equipment from around the toilet rim and let it do its thing while getting on with the rest of your home cleaning chores. Return equipped with a tough toilet brush and scour the bowl before flushing. Remove odors by pouring a cup of baking powder down the bowl (preferably once a week) or installing an in-cistern cleanser to sanitize it after each use.

  1. Relax if you’re using bleach. 

Unless you’re going utterly green with your regimen of housekeeping, bleach is on most cleaning lists. Even if you use it reduced to swirl about the sink or a harsher bleach solution to lighten grout, you may be making the usual error of using it with hot water.

  1. Restore your radiators as soon as possible. 

Help sweep your radiator first to save time and remove gunk from a freshly cleaned bathroom floor. Sweep down the sides with a slightly moist cleaning glove or towel, then use the elastic Microfiber Radiator Brush to remove dust from the depths within. A long duster will also work well. Clean up any dirt using a vacuum or a dustpan. 

  1. Upward and onward

Your restroom fan can accumulate a fuzzy layer of ugly dust over time in home cleaning. Remove the dust from the filter using a vacuum or brush, then clean the rest by utilizing soap and warm water with a moist cloth. Take care not to get any of the mechanical fittings wet. Soak the grill in soapy water if it’s detachable for a far more comprehensive clean.

  1. Avoid plughole tragedies.

Put a glass of soda crystals into the plughole, followed by hot water, to keep drains flowing easily. This method will also assist in removing oil, soap scum, and odors. Wear plastic gloves to prevent skin irritation. You may also flush vinegar and salt down the drain to dissolve any filth, and lime juice can help neutralize unpleasant odors. 

Seeing clean worktops and a new stovetop, or taking a bath in a gleaming tub, may be rewarding, House Cleaning San Diego added. On the other hand, home cleaning may be another duty for others, particularly when it comes to cleaning the toilet.


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