Best Way to Clean a Split-type Air Conditioner

Best Way to Clean a Split-type Air Conditioner

Because of their tiny and ductless form, split air conditioner is a popular type of cooling equipment. Before going to the condenser, obtain access to and clean your indoor A/C unit. San Diego maid shares its simple procedures for cleaning a split-type air conditioner.

  1. Before going to a house cleaning, wrap a cleaning bag around the whole split air conditioning system. To prevent dust and grime from reaching the floor, make sure to fill the entire appliance in a cleaning bag.
  2. Remove the front panel and turn off the power supply. Undo the latches on the front component of the A/C to raise it and access the inside of the unit.
  3. Your split air conditioning system’s air filters should remove. Press a tab on the side of each air filter to release and remove it. Before cleaning the filters, shake them outside to remove any apparent dust and dirt.
  4. Remove the air filters and rinse them under running water. Place the air filters in a sink or a wide basin and fill it with cool tap water. If your filters aren’t very filthy, washing them may be sufficient to avoid the dust. After that, rinse them and air dry them.
  5. Clear the dust from the cooling fins. Attach a narrow canister attachment to your air blower and use it to clear the dust from the back of your split air conditioner. 
  6. After cleaning the coils using no-rinse evaporator spray, let them dry. Clean them using a no-rinse evaporator cleaning from a specialty container. Allow at least 20 minutes for them, which resemble connected, circular pieces of metal that run across the center of the indoor unit.
  7. To avoid mold, spray an antifungal cleaning across the coils. Sanitize the rear of your air conditioner using an antifungal cleaning spray since here is where pollutants are most prone to develop. This cleanser helps keep your appliance free of harmful particles and spores. Before replacing the air filters, wait at least 5 minutes for the spray to dry.
  8. Replace the air filters as necessary. Once you’ve established that the air filters are clean and dry, replace them in their original location.
  9. Clear any clogs in the A/C by flushing the drain pipes. To avoid a drain line clog, disconnect the hose or pipe that links the interior and exterior units. Use a pressurized flush kit to force water or clean down the drainpipe. Allow at least one hour for the drain line to air-dry to verify that all water or cleaning fluid has evaporated. Connect the hose before turning on the A/C.
  10. To confirm that everything is working well, you can restart your split air conditioner. Check to verify if your split air conditioner is blowing cold air now. Take a big breath in and appreciate the clean, fresh air! 

A good house cleaning can best be done when follow this simple procedures. If you are looking for maid services, San Diego maid professionals are the best team to do Air Condition cleaning. Maggy Maid the leading house cleaning services in San Diego can do the job!


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