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Up to this day, with all the available materials for furniture in the market, leather still stays on top. Leather screams class at first glance. Unlike other materials, fabric, for example, genuine leather, will haveHouse minor signs of normal wear and tear such as cracks or peels, but it will never fade; and will only show after a long time. Durability-wise, leather is a good choice. For the household moms dealing with little kids’ spills, leather isn’t a big House Cleaning problem because some are dirt and spill-resistant except for oil. These two don’t make a good pair.

However, quality comes with a price. In the market, leather’s retail cost is expensive. Thus, there’s a strong need for you to know the best ways to remove stains from leather furniture. The House Cleaning San Diego Team will tell you how.


  1. Rubbing alcohol is a good House Cleaning agent and can get rid of the stain. It works best on sofas and leather jackets and is best used against ink marks. Dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and rub it onto the stain.
  2. Corn Starch is best used to absorb oil from leather. Sprinkle a bit of corn starch onto the stain and rub around using a soft white cloth. Leave it there for a night and wipe it off.
  3. Vinegar works with anything, and it has always been a reliable Cleaning agent suggested by the House Cleaning San Diego team. It doesn’t only get rid of stains but can also brighten up your leather furniture. Mix an equal ratio of white vinegar and water. Too much of either will saturate the leather. Apply onto the stain with House Cleaning a soft cloth, let dry and wipe off using a separate clean cloth.
  4. Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover may be your last House Cleaning resort. It may remove the stain, yes. But, it may also cause discoloration on the leather. You must be very careful with the application, and you have to ensure that only the stained part is applied.
  5. Not all leather gets a water-resistant finish. The synthetic plastic surrounding it is what makes it spill-proof. So, for leather with water spots, fight it off with water too. Start by moistening the area and gently blow-dry.


  1. Do not assume all House Cleaning tips you hear works. Not all leather is made of precisely the same materials. What works with full-grain leather may damage nubuck suede leather. Some of the most expensive leathers are made of very delicate fabrics. So always make sure to read the care label, if any. Or you may contact the manufacturer for any House Cleaning tips.
  2. Do not forget to spot-check. Before applying anything onto leather, try it out first on a hidden spot and wait for any effect on your furniture.

With proper care, knowledge, and House Cleaning, you can surely keep your leather investments in their best condition.

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