Candles are Added Aesthetics but How to Clean it on Surfaces

used the scented candle without any other stinks after maid cleaning service

As reported by the House Cleaning experts of San Diego, flickering candles set the scene for a formal dinner but spilled wax isn’t so attractive. Don’t worry; removing wax on your own is pretty simple, and a professional dry-cleaner may assist you with more fragile items. Attempt to clean the cloth yourself if it is resilient, such as cotton. However, you should not attempt to scrape off the wax if the material is weak since the friction may cause harm. “The best thing to do with silk or any other delicate fabric with wax marks is to have it done professionally,” recommends House Cleaning gurus of San, there is no risk of fading that might happen if you attempt to eliminate the beeswax yourself.”


According to the House Cleaning specialists of San Diego, heat pooled wax with a blow dryer on the lowest setting for a few minutes, then remove it off with a credit card, plastic spatula, or elastic dough scraping (don’t use anything made of metal). The surplus should be buffable with a soft cloth. To solidify soft wax, place ice cubes in a plastic bag and place them on the wax. As indicated by House Cleaning professionals of San Diego, the hardened wax can then be scraped away easily.


Although a dry cleaner should clean fragile textiles like silk, you may clean robust materials like cotton yourself, per the House Cleaning pros. Let the beeswax rest usually, or use an ice cube wrapped in plastic to hasten the process. So, when beeswax has set, apply your fingernail or the dull edge of a butter knife to delicately scrape off as much as you can, as instructed by the House Cleaning expert. When the beeswax is on a removable cushions cover, detach it and spread multiple layers of wet paper towels on each side of the cloth before ironing on the wax must be soaked by the towels on low heat.

To eliminate any leftover residue, apply a fabric stain remover blot with clean toilet paper before washing, as recommended by the House Cleaning gurus. Suppose the drippings are on a cushion or pillow cover that can’t be removed. In that case, House Cleaning specialists advise asking the dry cleaner to suggest a tailor who could carefully remove the stuffing and clean this cover separately. Carefully light candles with the wick away from flammable items like drapes or other loose fabrics. 

Carpeting and rugs

The experts at House Cleaning say candle wax on the carpet is a no-no. Allow it to set, then take off as much as you can with a spoon. If there’s any wax left, try using parched fluid. Although tiny burn marks cannot be removed, they can be disguised with scissors. Take some strands from a hidden strip of carpet and attach them to the small scar suggested by the House Cleaning gurus with hot glue.


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