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maid service that remove chewing gum San Diego

Gums pose a considerable challenge when it comes to house cleaning, particularly for those with children who have a penchant for chewing them like goats and adorning various surfaces with sticky residues. Managing household cleaning responsibilities can become a daunting task as these gum-related predicaments multiply. This blog provides valuable insights and practical Chewing Gum Remover Tips, offering assistance to individuals grappling with the aftermath of gum-related chaos in their homes.

Implementing these suggestions not only enhances your ability to tackle gum-infested surfaces but also streamlines the overall effectiveness of your home cleaning regimen. Embracing these strategies ensures that you not only conquer the challenges posed by sticky situations but also transform your cleaning routine into a more seamless and accomplished process.

House Cleaning San Diego has looked up some ways for you to deal with your House Cleaning gum removal.  

Gum on Hair 

Let us see what magic peanut butter can pull off when it comes to gum removal on one’s hair. First, use an old toothbrush or your fingers to coat the gum with some peanut butter. Allow the fats and oils released by the peanut butter to harden the gum and cause it to be less sticky. Next, wipe the gum and peanut butter with a towel, and wash your hair or take a shower right after.  

The following House Cleaning substances will also lubricate your hair, especially if a jar of peanut butter is not available in your pantry: Vaseline, toothpaste, and vegetable oil. The oil in the House Cleaning products will cause the gum to be slimy.  

Gum on Clothes  

removing chewing gum from the shirt

You may use the freezing method when doing the chewing gum remover method from your clothes. Put the fabric inside a freezer bag. You have to make sure that the gum does not stick to the plastic bag. Ensure to seal the bag before placing it in the freezer. Wait for at least two hours before bringing it out. Get the garment from the freezer bag and lay it on a flat surface. Afterward, use your finger or any sturdy edgy item to strip off the chewing gum remover while it has not warmed up and fastened to the fabric again. Wash the garment to remove any gum residue.  

You may also opt to use lemon juice, hairspray, vinegar, and mayonnaise as House Cleaning products for gum removal.   

Gum on Your Carpets  

You may lose heart when you see your carpet with gum stuck to it. However, fear not, as following this house deep cleaning process will help you effectively eliminate that bothersome gum. With simple yet effective steps, you can restore your carpet to its pristine condition and bid farewell to the sticky situation.

Weaken the gum to effortlessly remove it by using a cloth soaked in oil, such as canola, olive, and coconut oil. Let it soak for approximately ten minutes before peeling it off using any knife.  Clean the area using a dishwashing liquid and warm water after removing the residue of the gum.  


You have to look at where you are walking on the street, for you may step onto a gum anytime if you are unlucky enough. To remove the gum from your shoe, you only have to wait for days because the gum will harden on its own. By that time, you can peel the gum off your shoes.  

These cleaning products are effective in tackling gum residues because of their specific properties. Toothpaste contains abrasives that can break down the sticky texture of gum, while hairspray and lemon juice leverage their solvent properties to dissolve it. On the other hand, mayonnaise works by lubricating the gum, making it easier to peel off from surfaces.

House Cleaning San Diego has more house-cleaning tricks in store for you. We hope this chewing gum remover method will help you with cleaning. 


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