Clean Soap Scum In Tubs and Showers

baking soda is for home cleaning

It should be no surprise that the area where we wash our bodies is one of the most difficult in House Cleaning. You may think you’ve met your cleaning match when persistent soap scum and bathroom dirt build up around your shower and bath, but with this comprehensive instruction from House Cleaning experts of San Diego, you’ll be an expert at removing soap scum in no time.

What is soap scum?

The worst in House Cleaning is a deposit known as soap scum. It’s a buildup of soap, shampoo, body oils, and dead skin cells on the edges of your bath and shower that accumulates over time. It’s not the simplest thing to get rid of, and it’s a tremendous discomfort!

How do you get rid of soap scum?

Hot Water or Steam Cleaner

Removing soap scum all over your shower area using a steam cleaner may be pretty effective, but if you don’t have one, you can achieve the same results as a steam cleaner by:

  1. Rinsing bathroom surfaces with hot water before attempting to remove soap scum, or;
  2. By waiting until just after a family member has taken a shower and cleaning off soap scum while the bathroom is still steamy to save water when cleaning the bathroom. This will aid to dislodge soap scum from bathroom surfaces, making soap scum removal easier.

Baking Soda

If you’re wondering how to get rid of soap scum, remember that baking soda is your House Cleaning best friend!

  1. Scrub using a dampened cloth with a considerable quantity of baking soda. You may also make a paste using baking soda and vinegar to remove harder soap scum.
  2. Allow the paste to remain on the stain for a few minutes before scrubbing. The vinegar’s acidity will aid in the breakdown of the scum.
  3. If you have persistent soap scum that won’t move, try spritzing lemon juice on the damaged spot and scraping it away with a tile scraper.
    • House Cleaning Reminder: Please note that a tile scraper should not be used on granite, travertine, or slate tile since the surface will be damaged.
  4. Once the soap scum has been cleaned from the shower, everyday House Cleaning and upkeep may prevent further buildup.


Ammonia is another all-purpose House Cleaning agent that San Diego experts use to cut through oil and soap scum.

  1. In a spray bottle, combine water and ammonia.
  2. Spray directly on the residue and allow for at least 20 minutes of resting time.
  3. Using a brush, scrub the surface to eliminate soap scum.
  4. Then, thoroughly rinse with warm water.
  5. If required, repeat the House Cleaning process. 

House Cleaning Reminder: If you’re using ammonia to eliminate soap residue, make sure you’re doing it in a well-ventilated environment. It has a pungent stench, and it might irritate your respiratory system if not appropriately diluted. The House Cleaning team in San Diego advises taking all essential steps to protect yourself and waiting until no children or pets are around before using.

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