Cleaning Your Window AC

house cleaning services for AC windows

It is an excellent House Cleaning idea to know how to sustain the cleanliness of your air conditioner. While the outside of your system could withstand adverse weather, you have to keep the inside and front of your system clean, as recommended by the House Cleaning experts of San Diego. House Cleaning a window air conditioner is a valuable skill to possess. 

This House Cleaning article from House Cleaning San Diego will show you what to do to clean your window air conditioner. Having sufficient House Cleaning knowledge will save you a significant amount of time and money.

To clean your window air conditioner, you need to unplug it from the wall to avoid getting electrocuted because you will be touching various sections of your AC and utilizing a spray bottle.

Lift the filter and the grill from the aircon unit. If there is a smoker in the house, you have to change the filters on a large HVAC unit every three months. 

Soak it in a pail of soapy water and then let it air dry. If you need to replace it, look up the correct size in the House Cleaning manual and make sure you have the model number. There are numerous sizes and types available, and you must pick the most suitable one.

Also, remember that the air filter purifies the air, so clean it as soon as possible. In a tiny window unit, it does not need to be modified all that much. However, it is always a safe House Cleaning idea to double-check. 

Use a screwdriver to detach the case to reveal the condensation drain along with the detachable components, such as the drain pan. You can clean these parts by soaking them in warm soapy water. It is crucial to work on House Cleaning its drain pan to prevent mold from growing in the water accumulated in the pan.

Vacuum and spray the inside parts of your AC to clean it. Run the vac cleaner using the soft brush House Cleaning attachment to clean your window AC. Carefully suck out any balls of dust or other grime in the unit. Afterward, mix two drops of dishwashing detergent with water.

Then, spritz the House Cleaning solution inside the machine and wipe down the affected parts. You have to focus on the fins, which you can use to clean the fins and ensure they are straight.

Put the air conditioner back together by replacing the pieces after drying everything on the inside. Consult the House Cleaning manual handbook if you are unsure how to put it together. 

You can also detach the covering on the unit’s backside. The covering protects the device from the elements by its covering, which you have to clean by spraying a House Cleaning solution of water and detergent over them.

Put the air conditioner back together by replacing the pieces after drying everything on the inside. Consult the House Cleaning manual from San Diego if you are unsure how to put it together.

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