Comprehensive Cleaning Tasks Checklist to Tick Off

housekeeping tasks checklist

According to the House Cleaning specialists of San Diego, this House Cleaning checklist comprises all of the necessary House Cleaning tasks you have to tick off your maintenance list. Delight yourself with the results and enjoy a clean and tidy home every day, whether you follow your regular House Cleaning program loosely or religiously.

Here are a few House Cleaning habits and techniques from the House Cleaning professionals of San Diego to help you get more done in less time.


  • In the shower, spend an extra minute rinsing off the sides, shower seat, or squeegeeing the glass. 
  • Keep a container of cleaning wipes in your bathroom to give your counters and sinks a quick wipe off. 
  • To wipe up laundry soap accidents, keep a spray bottle of vinegar and water beside the washing machine. 
  • To keep piles from forming, do a load of laundry every day. 
  • Install a laundry shoot or keep hampers or baskets in each bedroom. 


  • Avoid going to bed with a sink full of dirty dishes. 
  • Empty your dishwasher while you brew coffee and hang the garments you wore that day. 
  • Make your cleaning a breeze by keeping disarray and additional appliances off your kitchen counters.
  • While the House Cleaning products soak in, work on cleaning other sections of your home, such as sweeping the floors while the degreaser soaks your stovetop. 
  • Fold and hang your House Cleaning microfiber cloth. 
  • Organize your refrigerator and pantry supplies and contents, and use this opportunity to plan for your weekly meals. 
  • Use an all-purpose House Cleaning solution to clean your kitchen surfaces and dining room.
  • Wipe down your kitchen appliances. 
  • Dispose of any expired food.
  • Empty your garbage bins or place plastic bags in your garbage containers and change them after.

Areas of the Living/Bedroom 

  • Every morning, wake up and make the bed. 
  • Straighten your pillows, blankets, and couch cushions.
  • Sort through all your clutter, mail, and paperwork. Toss away your old bills and documents to discard. 
  • Clean and declutter your wardrobes, and switch out your clothes for the new season. 
  • Vacuum your mattresses with the upholstery attachment on your vacuum. 
  • Make sure to flip your mattresses every few months and wash and dry clean your pillows.
  • Cover your couch cushion with matching blankets to protect them from spills and stains.
  • For daily House Cleaning, invest in a lightweight cordless handheld vacuum, robotic vacuum, or spray mop. 

Bring a basket with you and pick up several items and return them to their correct spot as you go about each room of your home.  

Children’s Playroom 

  • Sanitize your kid’s plastic toys with soap and water.
  • Donate any toys you no longer in use. 
  • Arrange the toys and play places. 
  • Vacuum or mop the flooring.


  • Dust and shine your furnishings. 
  • Wipe your bookshelf and dust off your electronics.
  • Ensure that your keyboard and mouse are clean. 

Keep your House Cleaning maintenance done with the House Cleaning checklist from the House Cleaning San Diego team.


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