Convenient Daily Checklist for House Cleaning

Convenient Daily Checklist for House Cleaning

Your daily House Cleaning routine will be more straightforward if you have a checklist to follow. You will no longer need to think twice or thrice if something needs to be wiped out or not. 

You can create a list of your own, or you may use this guide from the House Cleaning experts of San Diego:


  • Clear out and rub down the sink.

Move the dishes into the dishwasher and clean the sink with a sponge or clean cloth. You can further clean it by securing the drain, filling the basin with warm water, and swishing a tablespoon of House Cleaning bleach. Let it sit for five minutes and rinse.

  • Tidy up countertops and stove.

Use a damp cloth or sponge and an all-purpose cleaner to wipe out splatters and spills. The all-purpose cleaner is available in the House Cleaning store in San Diego.

  • Wipe cluttered spots on the floor.

You can do a quick House Cleaning check on the kitchen floor. If there are any spills or sticky spots, wipe them the soonest as possible to save House Cleaning time. Such sites can cause more dirt on the floor if left unnoticed. 


  • Clean up the sink.

Use a wet cloth to wipe the sink bowl and faucet handles. An alternative material is a washcloth, paper towel, or unique surface wipes available in House Cleaning supplies in San Diego. These special wipes don’t leave streaks on chrome or mirror.

  • Clean splatters off the mirror.

You can take out those foamy toothpaste sprays on the mirror with a wet cloth or paper towel. You may use a cloth or towel that you are usually operating in your House Cleaning chores.

  • Wipe the toilet seat and rim.

You may use the same cloth you used in the mirror and the sink. Remember to do the toilet last.

  • Swirl the toilet bowl with a brush.

Please give it a quick scrub on the toilet when you see a ring.

  • Clean the shower and curtain with a shower mist.

Remove the mildew and soap scum with a quick spray with your favorite House Cleaning cleanser.

Living Room

  • Reset the sofa.

Fluff the pillows, fold throw blankets, and flatten the cushions. 

  • Clear the clutter.

Please pick up the toys, games, and other objects off the floor and stash them. Eliminate unnecessary items from the coffee table, then straighten any accessories on top. 

  • Tackle quick messes.

Do a swift vacuum on the main areas, such as the sofa and area rug. You may utilize a handheld vacuum to pick up dust bunnies or crumbs.


  • Make the bed.

Make it a habit to do this as soon as you get out of bed.

  • Pick up and put away clothes.

Check the floor if there are clothes and put them away. To make your daily House Cleaning easier, always put used clothes in the laundry. Fold and hang clean clothes. 

  • Clean up your nightstand.

Take away any clutter or trash and place items in their storage area.


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