DIY Welcome Basket Ideas by House Cleaning San Diego Pros

home cleaning welcome basket San Diego

When a friend or a family member is coming over for some holiday vacation or just a stay over, House Cleaning always comes first in mind. Of course, an effort will be inserted in tidying your spare room and guest bedroom. But why not be a little extra? House Cleaning will help the trick to be a good host but a welcome basket sounds amazing!

House Cleaning San Diego is here to help you gain the reputation of being a fantastic host your guest will surely remember. Here are some DIY welcome basket ideas for houseguests:

Local Products

To make their stay memorable, our House Cleaning team got this creative idea, keep it local. What’s your city famous about? Candies, jar of cookies, pickle and jam from the farmer’s market, or even a bottle of wine from a vineyard in your city. If your guests have kids with them, you can apply a kid-friendly welcome card. Also use colorful designs to have it look more attractive.

Entertainment Stuffs

Guests might be staying for a long time and they don’t always need your company. They may still retreat to their rooms from time to time. A tip from our House Cleaning buddies is to give them something to have fun with aside from letting them hold their smartphones such as books or cards and puzzles.


Another idea from the House Cleaning team is to give spare toiletries. Forgetting something for the hygiene necessities usually happen. You can add to your basket the things that most guests might forget to bring like toothbrush, mouthwash, shampoo and soap.


Well, who wouldn’t like to have some snacks in their welcome basket? Based on our House Cleaning team, this might be the most well-liked welcome basket idea to have. It’s nice to have while talking, midnight snack or even in the morning when the immediately feel hungry but still don’t want to go out of their rooms. Guests might feel uneasy asking for a snack so a package of mixed nuts, pretzels, cookie, and some chips.

Water Bottles

Our House Cleaning San Diego team found out that houseguests might be thirsty in the middle of the night and they might not feel comfortable asking the host for water or feel shy opening the refrigerator. Having water bottles in your welcome basket will save the trouble. They won’t also have the need to go outside of their rooms in the middle of the night. Water bottles save the night!

Make designs with your welcome basket based on the personality of your guests. It’s nice to show them that we give our best efforts to provide and show our care for them. Hospitality doesn’t only mean that you should do House Cleaning but also looking for ways to make your guests feel welcome and accommodated well. It’s happy to know that after their stay, they might want to come back because of the good things that you made them feel during their stay.