Easy Ways to Have Fun While Cleaning with Your Kids 

The House Cleaning experts of San Diego say that kids enjoy cleaning as much as they enjoy sharing, eating stringy veggies, and only asking for anything once. On a good day, getting youngsters to help with House Cleaning tasks easily triples the time it takes to complete everything yourself. You wouldn’t be teaching kids House Cleaning skills like self-sufficiency, organization, or how to get off their duffs and share part of the burden around the house if you did that.

So, how can you get them to help out precisely around the house? Yes, bribing, yelling, and punishment are all viable options. Still, today the House Cleaning professionals of San Diego are considering a more promising strategy. One or two of the suggestions given here will almost certainly work if you try them all. Best wishes.

1. Archeology Cleaning Edition

Using a House Cleaning method such as sweeping Thoroughly sweep a room, collecting all rubbish in a central pile. Dig through the stack with chopsticks or other “scientific equipment” to find the grossest and most confusing stuff. Try to figure out where mysterious (often petrified) artifacts came from. Encourages children to explore every nook and crevice in search of genuinely strange-looking items.

2. Swap Session

Pick up in a single room or, better yet, throughout the house to do the House Cleaning game. Select 5 to 10 valuable goods for the swap meet as you work; these should belong to someone else in the game. When the pickup is finished, swap the goods one by one, taking turns and bartering for higher-value objects (Mom’s long-lost diamond earring, for example, is worth a fortune in-game pieces). This can be a suitable House Cleaning method for finding your belongings.

3. Hockey Swiffer

Play a Hints from Heloise version of hockey with Swiffers and a plastic container lid, using two doorways (or other apertures) as goals. Swiffers must stay on the floor at all times (no high-Swiffering). Checking the law is an optional step. This game can be an effective House Cleaning method when you want them to clean as fast as possible.

4. Defeat the Timer

This is an all-time classic. House Cleaning experts suggest assigning each person a cleaning target (adjusting for age and efficiency aptitude). Set a 10-minute timer in the kitchen and get everyone to work. Participants who complete their work before the bell tolls are eligible for a prize. Depending on your parenting style, those who don’t get a “Good effort!” or a “You call that clean?!!”

5. DJ Popper  

House Cleaning game creators of San Diego created this game to get the kids more excited. While everyone focuses on a specific task, each participant selects a song to play. The goal is to finish the job before the music stops. Heavy metal is ideal for ramping up adrenaline without distracting kid-friendly rhythms; therefore, it’s a good choice for parents.

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