Easy Ways to Remove Gum From Just About Anything

housekeeping by removing gum in Sacramento

 Chewing gum has the slyest habit of hiding on any surface all over the place. They turn into unsightly dirt as they leave unattractive stains that can be difficult to remove. Experts on House Cleaning in San Diego say that getting rid of stuck chewing gums is one of the reasons that can impede a smooth-sailing cleaning routine. Because they know the technique for less hassle-free removal of stubborn sticky chewing gums, it is easy for them to finish the task. But to anyone who hasn’t mastered the proper way can get this removal process messier and nastier.

Worry no more because House Cleaning San Diego teams are delighted to share with you their House Cleaning techniques in removing sneaky chewing gums from tables, chairs, floors, carpet, clothes and other spots they are commonly seen.


For items that can fit inside your freezer, i.e. clothes, etc. Put the item inside a plastic bag folded in a way the gum is exposed. Place it inside your freezer for a few hours. Once the gum solidifies, remove it using a tweezer. Finish it off by washing it with soap and water.

Ice Cubes

For items that cannot fit in your freezers, put some ice cubes in any plastic bag. Hold the bag against the gum until it freezes. Scrape off the hardened gum with any dull-bladed palette. Clean the remaining stains by gently rubbing it with soap in a sponge. House Cleaning pros apply this method to furniture, floor surfaces, and carpet rugs.

Vegetable Oil

Vigorously rub the gum off the surface using a piece of cloth or paper towel soaked in vegetable oil. Any vegetable oil works, however, House Cleaning professionals prefer canola oil which is cleaner and lighter since it leaves no residue over others. 

Other Oily Substances

House Cleaning people say that other oily substances, i.e. peanut butter, mayonnaise, lotion, moisturizers, etc. are also effective agents. Begin with soaking the gum with the substance for 15 minutes before gently scraping it off. This method is good for hair and other woolly materials.

Duct Tape

Press a piece of duct tape unto the gum and lift it off snappily. Repeat the same process until the gum is removed. 


Most House Cleaning masters say that WD-40 works wonders in solving many cleaning problems. To them, it is the fastest way to get rid of gums. Simply spray WD-40 to the gum and let it stand for 5 minutes. With a brush, scrub the gum in one direction. Spray more as you scrub until the gum is chipped off.

 Our House Cleaning chores can finish much faster when we use proper tools and techniques for certain issues like sticky gum problems.

Aside from the tips above, our House Cleaning San Diego specialists can do it fast for you as they provide innovative solutions and more advanced chewing gum removal techniques.