Efficient Ways of Cleaning Your Shower Door Tracks

home cleaning the shower door

When it comes to House Cleaning your shower area, the initial cleaning step is to organize everything. Begin by painting the door and the walls; then, clean the showerhead and valve after that. After completing all of these House Cleaning steps, it is time to tackle the shower door track. The House Cleaning specialists of San Diego have gathered the proper House Cleaning methods for impeding the growth of mildew and mold in your bathroom. Take a look at some of the most efficient House Cleaning door track techniques brought to you by the House Cleaning specialists of San Diego. 

Cleaning Your Shower Door Tracks with Lemon and Salt

Unfortunately, if you have a shower door with metal tracks, you will encounter several problems. Rusting is a problem with metal, but the main issue is the accumulation of mold, soap scum, and hard water minerals. Thus, the frame appears unsightly and filthy.

For metal shower door tracks, lemon is the most efficient House Cleaning substance. Gather the following cleaning materials for this House Cleaning job: 

  • salt (two tablespoons)
  • lemon juice (1 tablespoon)
  • Used toothbrush 

To make a smooth House Cleaning paste, mix lemon juice with salt. Next, as recommended by the House Cleaning consultants of San Diego, you need to apply the paste with an old toothbrush to all inaccessible places and corners where rust usually accumulates. After around fifteen minutes, rinse the mixture with warm water. 

Cleaning Your Shower Door Tracks with Baking Soda

Use baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) as a solution by mixing it with water. Grab your baking soda, water, a bowl, old clothes, and a knife. 

In a bowl, combine water with baking soda to produce a smooth paste. Apply the House Cleaning solution to the shower door tracks with a microfiber cloth. Scour the thick coating of filth with a toothbrush and knife. Clean them with a damp microfiber cloth after thirty minutes. Baking soda, with its natural deodorizer properties, can make it a little less unpleasant.

Cleaning Your Shower Door Tracks with Vinegar 

Do you want to clean the shower room door using an all-natural cleaning solution? You have to use distilled white vinegar. Vinegar is an excellent House Cleaning tool for hard water and soap scum removal. Grab your white vinegar, spray bottle, microfiber cloth, distilled water, toothbrush, and cotton balls to begin your cleaning task. 

To start, douse the cotton balls in the vinegar. Moisten your door tracks using them. If you have stone floors, you have to be cautious while using vinegar because it may ruin them. You can set it aside for twenty to thirty minutes. Afterward, scour the soap scum buildups and discolorations with a toothbrush. Then wash away all of the items and any vinegar residue with water. Now dry the surfaces with a clean microfiber cloth. 

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