Essential Tips to Clean Your Pressure Cooker | House Cleaning San Diego

house cleaning tips for pressure cooker

There are a hundred reasons why House Cleaning is an imperative task. House Cleaning keeps you and your family free from any health risks. House Cleaning affects our health significantly. 

Eating delicious and uncontaminated food is your ultimate goal every mealtime. Avoid unwanted health risks by ensuring your food preparation hygiene is maintained at the safest level. House Cleaning tasks involve the cleaning of appliances like your multi-use electric pressure cooker.  

House Cleaning San Diego has prepared some tips to care for and clean your multi-use electric pressure cooker properly. Follow these House Cleaning tips organized for you by House Cleaning Team in San Diego

Remember this: Before cleaning your magic pot or multi-use electric pressure cooker, always ensure your safety by checking it is unplugged. 

Prepare the House Cleaning Tools

Gather the materials such as an old or pantry toothbrush, microfiber cloth, warm water, mild dishwashing liquid soap, and an abrasive sponge or stainless steel sponge. It is better to prepare the materials that you will need for your House Cleaning chores. Just grab them and start with your House Cleaning routine.   

Start with the Base 

Do not submerge the base in the water. Grab a microfiber cloth and slightly dampen it with warm water. Use the moistened cloth to wipe clean the exterior of your multi-use electric pressure cooker. Wipe the part around the lip of your magic pot to remove some stain or food residue.  

Next, remove the inserts like the inner cooking pot. Dampen the microfiber cloth. Wipe the heating element, inner-base part, and the rim using the microfiber cloth. Use an old toothbrush to brush the lower edge and remove any food debris that accumulated in it.  

 Shine the Inner Pot 

Scour the inner pot to remove the food residue. After scouring and wiping the inner pot clean, hand wash it using an abrasive sponge sprayed with the mixture of distilled white vinegar and water. Once you finish washing the inner pot, let it dry totally. Scouring and cleaning the inner pot will allow it to restore its shiny quality.  

 Cleaning the Lid 

Remove any food residue collected in the release valve and red float valve. Remove the anti-block shield using your thumb and wait for it to pop out. Check the anti-block shield for any food residue. Hand Wash the anti-block shield with warm water and dishwashing soap.

 Next, get the heat-resistant silicone sealing ring and wash it with warm and dishwashing liquid to remove the bacteria-causing odor. Sluice it with clean water and allow it to dry completely before placing it back.  

Wipe the Outside Part 

Grab your moistened microfiber cloth and wipe the outer part of your multi-purpose electric pressure cooker.  

After cleaning all the pressure cooker’s pieces, wait for them to dry and assemble them. House Cleaning San Diego has more House Cleaning tips in store for you. Stay tuned!