Fast Housekeeping Tips to Get Out of the Door – Fast! By House Cleaning San Diego

housekeeping tips to get out the door fast

We all aim for a clean and spotless home. But days can be quite busy sometimes. You would have probably thought that a week seems like not enough to finish all of what you have to do at work… leaving your house every day — chaos. Tight work schedule and House Cleaning don’t go well together.

Now, how do we make the most of our vacant time to do a quick House Cleaning? Read on and find some useful Housekeeping tips laid out by House Cleaning San Diego. Start leaving your house clean starting today!

  1. Know what to prioritize. What better way to clean fast than knowing which areas are easy to clean. You can’t clean your fridge if you aim to do House Cleaning fast. How about wiping the countertops, the table where you had your breakfast, the sink where you washed your dishes? Try cleaning your shower glass while on the shower, too.
  2. As you face the mirror before you leave, it can get a quick wiping too. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe your mirrors. It can get dusty if left unattended.
  3. Make it a habit to wash House Cleaning tools after every use. As it is used for House Cleaning, it wouldn’t make any sense if you leave it in the storage room unwashed and use it again tomorrow. Admit it, this one gets overlooked most of the time. If you don’t do it today, it could get worse and you’ll end up spending more time in House Cleaning.
  4. Got a handful of trash from yesterday? Bring along that trash bag as you step out of your door and have garbage pick it up. You won’t want trash from last week still hanging around your bedroom or kitchen, don’t you?
  5. Before you leave your bedroom, tidy up your bed. Having five layers of thick sheets will make it time-consuming especially if you are a messy sleeper. Only keep the sheets that are useful for your sleep. Else, keep them in a cabinet. Or if you just wanted that thick top sheet for added decor, fold it aside nicely and just put it back before you leave the house.
  6. Vacuum. Doesn’t matter if you do it in 5 minutes, or 20. Running your vacuum around daily will save you time in the later House Cleaning days. Opt to go wireless, if you can. Tangled wires and moving the socket to every corner consumes time.

Your cleaning, your way. Make up your process. Don’t just clean, for the sole sake of “just” cleaning. Know what to do quickly and know which areas need a whole day to clean. These tips from House Cleaning San Diego are only a few of the many ideas. Get your ways on and ensure you still get ample time to prep yourself for work or school. We don’t want you ending up late every day.


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