Follow These Steps to Clean Linoleum Floors in a Breeze

cozy linoleum floor after maid cleaning service

Linoleum has been one of the most proven and tested flooring materials for more than a century. Although it is also considered eco-friendly flooring materials, seeing linoleum floors on your House Cleaning checklist is a headache. Because linoleum is not as durable as vinyl, you need to avoid buying harsh House Cleaning chemicals in San Diego and take precautions not to damage its surface.

As mentioned by the House Cleaning pros of San Diego, it is better to clean a linoleum floor weekly, but depending on situations, you might need to do it daily, or at least once a month. The grime, food substances, and other particles that may be tracked on the floor are factors you need to consider in your House Cleaning tasks.

These are the materials that you will need in maintaining the shine and surface of your linoleum floor and the procedure in cleaning:

Tools and Materials:

  • Broom or vacuum cleaner
  • Bucket
  • Mop
  • Scrub brush (where needed)
  • Cloths or towels
  • Dish Soap


  1. Remove Loose Particles and Debris. Start your House Cleaning agenda by checking the surface and removing loose particles. You can do it by either sweeping or vacuuming with the “hard floor” setting on your House Cleaning vacuum cleaner. 
  2. Wipe with a Dry Microfiber Cloth. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the entire floor surface. 
  3. Prepare House Cleaning Solution. Mix 6 to 8 drops of dish soap and a gallon of hot water in a bucket. You can also use the same soap on your dishes; stir it slightly. The House Cleaning team from San Diego advised, avoid using harsh or acidic material.
  4. Dampen the Mop. Put your mop in the soapy bucket, then squeeze it out thoroughly. Only a tiny amount of liquid is needed when cleaning the floor because linoleum can be vulnerable to damage from standing water. The strands of the mop should be just barely wet and soapy.
  5. Mop the Floor. Divide the room up into 4 to 6 sections. Mop each part one by one. After one area, dampen the mop back in the bucket, wring it dry, and start over in the next section. Repeat this House Cleaning job until the entire floor is finished. Empty the bucket of soapy water after, and wash it and the mop in clean water.
  6. Rinse the Floor. Pour hot, clean water into the empty bucket. Then, wipe the entire linoleum floor with the mop. Complete it by section as you did in the previous step. Remove any soap scum that may be left on the floor.
  7. Dry the Floor. Take out any excess moisture by using old clothes or towels and pat down the floor’s surface to dry it. Look for an absorbent cloth so that the floor will dry fast. 
  8. Scrub Stubborn Stains. A scrub brush can be used for a more thorough, rigorous House Cleaning.

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