Fridge and Pantry Organization Suggestions for Kids’ Snacks

cleaning service that organize fridge for kids' snacks

When you open your cupboard and refrigerator, do you feel overwhelmed? Is everything jumbled up, making it hard for you to find anything? Stay organized and efficient with these House Cleaning recommendations brought to you by the House Cleaning specialists of San Diego. 

Consider these DIY pantry House Cleaning solutions from House Cleaning San Diego. 

Decant to Get Rid of Messes Airtight 

Containers are worthy of a place on your shelf. Fill your trendy see-through containers with granola, crackers, almonds, and dried fruit for a sleeker, more ordered display. You may also consider the House Cleaning tips of buying in bulk and divide snacks into smaller containers. Following this simple House Cleaning method will teach your kids healthy eating habits while also keeping portions under control. 

Portion snacks and label them ahead of time. 

In a world where portions are getting bigger by the day, teaching your children about portion control is one of the most crucial House Cleaning and life lessons you can teach them as early as now. 

Rather than leaving snack time open-ended with family-sized boxes of pretzels or bags of microwave popcorn, repackage your kids’ favorite foods into labeled zip-top bags or reusable containers keeping servings conscious and age-appropriate. This House Cleaning organization method is a natural and stress-free approach to control portion sizes, be more eco-friendly, and possibly save money! 

Label Everything 

Labels not only help youngsters find what they’re looking for, but they also help them look more organized. You can also use them to teach reading to younger children who are still learning. 

Make the Most of Your Height 

There are two compelling House Cleaning reasons to keep the sweets high on the shelf. You have to keep all of the sweeter foods and baking essentials on the top shelf. It also creates more storage space at eye level for healthier food selections. Another piece of House Cleaning advice for parents: Place your shatterproof cups and dishes on a shelf or in a different drawer, making them accessible to kids.

Set aside a specific amount of shelf space. 

Many children’s routines include snacking, but you never want snacks to become so large that they overshadow meals. Why not give your kids their shelves in the pantry, fridge, and freezer to make healthful snacks an easy, go-to decision for them? 

A designated shelf for each child allows you to keep all of those perfectly portioned snacks within easy reach and eye level, avoiding confusion, distraction, and mindless eating. You will also be sending a message to your kids that the kitchen is theirs as well. 

Make a note 

Avoid overlooking your pantry by making a list of allergies and make it visible in the cupboard and accessible to the babysitter, a family member, or anyone else who assists with household management. You can also include emergency contact information and an action plan in the event of an adverse reaction.

The House Cleaning San Diego team will never get tired of providing helpful tips for your cleaning needs.


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