House Cleaning Guide for Repurposed Resources Could Be Used to Create 8 Homemade Shelves

wood shelves properly maintained and cleaned with home cleaning services

Upcycled materials are widely utilized to make economic and practical Homemade shelves, as House Cleaning specialists realize. Current materials may be transformed into unique shelving with a bit of imagination and DIY abilities. And you can frequently find these materials for less money than premade shelves.

Here, House Cleaning crews of San Diego share 8 DIY shelf ideas made from repurposed materials.

Shelf with a Belt

Do you want to display a few small items? Ronja, the writer behind Nur Notch, came up with a clever belt rack that is inexpensive and simple to make. A wood board and an old suede or leather belt are all you’ll need. Ronja was using a Ragnar shelf from Ikea for much less than $5 in this case. A House Cleaning expert can assist in better tackling such areas.

Shelves for Cheese Boxes

Sidewalk to Refurb’s Carrie has a flair for transforming stray objects into beautiful home decor. She used a discarded cheese box to make this beautiful round shelf. Visit your local gourmet store to get a matching box for free. After unpacking the cheeses, stores usually destroy such boxes, advised by the House Cleaning specialists in San Diego.

Slices of wood

House Cleaning employees made the rustic shelf. This shelf only charged her 99 cents to install it using keyhole brackets. If a tree cutter cuts down a tree, a wedge slice is taken out of the trunk. So, keep an eye out for tree crews in your area.

Drawers in a Dresser

You can do what experts did with an old dresser when you have an old dresser. Experts made these gorgeous DIY shelves out of dresser drawers she found at a thrift store. To use a stud finder, identify wall studs, and then attach the drawers by pushing screws thru the bottoms of the drawers and into the studs with the help of a skilled House Cleaning crew.

Tray made of wood

A wood tray was converted into a trendy shelf by House Cleaning teams. The project starts with a circular saw cutting the tray in two lengthwise. Fasteners are then driven through the back edge and into studs to secure the wall.

Boxes for crafts

Using paper mache boxes, House Cleaning specialists constructed a magnificent shelving display. After playing with location, the experts spray-painted the boxes gold and bolted them into the wall. 

Crates of Apples

A House Cleaning staff of San Diego made these DIY shelves from old crates that she painted white and then nailed to the wall. Peach crates or any other wooden produce container can create a similar shelf layout.

Colored Pencils are a type of colored pencil that comes in a variety

With the points sticking out, two layers of pencils are bonded together. Made from a cute pencil case with a ruler that has been half-cut. It would be ideal for a craft room or a tiny office.

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