House Cleaning Guide: Ways to Clean Silverware with Common Objects 

House Cleaning Guide: Ways to Clean Silverware with Common Objects

A critique from the House Cleaning team in San Diego once said that dull and blemished silverware is worse than cheap stainless steel utensils. So we will share a few tips up our sleeves to help you discover how to wash silverware with products you most likely already have laying around the house. You need to clean silver items before guests come, but you don’t have any cleaning supplies on hand.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Baking powder and vinegar work well in a science project to make a volcano erupt. Did you realize that this dynamic pair may be used to wash silverware? The House Cleaning team has provided a simple solution for you to use on your silverware.

You’ll need the following items:

  • A baking dish made of glass
  • 1–2 quarts of boiling water 
  • 12 cups of white vinegar, distilled
  • 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 1 tsp kosher salt
  • a fabric made of microfiber cloth.
  1. Combine the baking soda and salt in a bowl. Fill the dish with this mixture.
  2. Fill the plate with vinegar. As the baking soda and vinegar react with one another, you’ll notice some fizzing.
  3. Pour in hot water, being careful not to scorch yourself.
  4. Now line the bottom of the baking dish with cutlery. Only one layer of silver pieces should be present, with each item touching the aluminum foil tips provided by the House Cleaning professionals.
  5. According to the House Cleaning gurus, cutlery with high tarnish may need to sit for three minutes. To avoid burning yourself, remove flatware using tweezers.
  6. Dry and buff the silver using a microfiber towel. Repeat the process with a fresh solution. Incorporate this step during your House Cleaning schedules.

Toothpaste for Silverware Cleaning

Toothpaste isn’t simply for shining those dazzling whites, as the House Cleaning staff of San Diego understands. It can also be used to restore the luster of dull cutlery.

  1. Use a soft dry cloth to rub toothpaste onto the tarnished silver. As the House Cleaning pros suggested, apply a gentle hand, so the toothpaste doesn’t scratch the silver.
  2. Instead of using the towel, gently clean specific cutlery parts with a brush. If you scrub, you risk damaging the silver.
  3. Using a clean microfiber cloth, dry the objects.

Baking Soda for Silver Cleaning

As the House Cleaning crews in San Diego advise, baking powder is frequently praised for its capacity to neutralize odors.

  1. Combine 3 parts bicarbonate soda to one part water in a mixing basin. Mix until paste forms.
  2. Immerse the microfiber cloth in the paste and rub it gently over your silver pieces just like you would with toothpaste.
  3. Scrape any engravings or delicate details with the toothbrush. Again, avoid scrubbing to avoid causing damage to the silver.
  4. With a clean microfiber cloth, dry your silverware right away.

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