House Cleaning Pointers for Asthmatics 

House Cleaning Pointers for Asthmatics

Every year, millions of individuals suffer from allergies and hay fever, according to the House Cleaning crew from San Diego.

Unfortunately, one of the less unpleasant side effects of allergies in the spring is the onset of a cold. However, respiratory distress and anaphylaxis are two more severe symptoms that can be life-threatening when an allergic reaction occurs.

A cleaning program decreases allergens in the air around. Many cleaning products are available in stores that can help people with allergies. 

Still, some of them are very pricey. So the House Cleaning squad from San Diego has compiled a list of top allergy-fighting cleaning tips.

Eliminate Carpets

The House Cleaning team suggests, If at all possible, removing the carpeting. 

You may find it difficult to breathe comfortably or sleep well since your type of flooring can trap mold, mildew, and other air pollutants. 

If removing carpet isn’t an option, invest in a HEPA filter attachment or a vacuum cleaner with a Hepa filtration attachment for your House Cleaning materials.

Add your Bedding to your House Cleaning list.

Be sure to wash your Bedding regularly. The House Cleaning squad suggests Bedding and pillowcases be washed in hot water once a week. You’ll remove dust mites that thrive in warm climates due to this. After washing your Bedding and blankets, use an extra-strong fabric softener to eradicate any leftover mites.

Vacuum frequently as you can.

Vacuuming is among the simplest ways to get rid of dust mites. Just one vacuuming session can eliminate up to 85 percent of allergens in a matter of hours. In addition, regular vacuuming will maintain allergens at bay with no additional effort and cost.

Steam House Cleaning

Steam House Cleaning is also an excellent technique to eliminate allergens and dust mites in your home. By steaming, you physically wipe out bugs and their eggs using hot steam that reaches deeply into fabric, carpets, and upholstery stains; you effectively remove them.

Kitchen House Cleaning 

Mold and insect droppings thrive in the kitchen, ideal for mold growth. Use a ventilated exhaust fan to minimize moisture to avoid mold and mildew growth. Check for leaks in the sink, fridge, and freezer regularly and fix them as soon as possible.

Clean out the refrigerator weekly, removing any moldy or expired food.

Clean the drip pans, wipe off the door seals, and mop up any spills or dampness. Wash any throw rugs and mop the floors.

Extra Advice by Cleaning Team

Start cleaning as soon as you see symptoms of allergy onset. But, please don’t wait until it’s a full-blown outbreak before taking action.

  • The House Cleaning team in San Diego reminds Heat and darkness are ideal environments for dust mites.
  • Mattresses, cushions, upholstered furniture, and carpets are all home to dust mites. So to limit your contact with them.
  • Use bed and pillow covers that are anti-allergen.
  • Using a specific brush attachment, vacuum the furniture.
  • Regularly mop or clean your floors with a moist cloth and dry them thoroughly.

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