House Cleaning San Diego – A clean kitchen can in fact exist!

clean kitchen, house cleaning san diego

We prepare our food in the kitchen every single day. When prepping our food, we have to be sure that everything we use is sanitized and all our ingredients are fresh and clean. We should make a clean kitchen part of our House Cleaning habit.    

But how do we maintain our kitchens clean without going through a painful experience of scrubbing and brushing? We asked many House Cleaning San Diego partners for answers. So continue reading.


Clean As You Go. Make sure that every time you use the kitchen, never leave your mess. The first tip of our House Cleaning partners is to never leave your dishes undone overnight. This can lead to bacteria and pest manifestation. Bacteria can live in clean surfaces for up to four days. Imagine how the bacteria that grew overnight can spread to the whole kitchen and eventually to other parts of the house. Ewww!

Clean as you wait

When cooking a dish, there will be idle time to do a little cleaning. While waiting for the potatoes to boil or waiting for the meat to tenderize, you can already clean the countertop from vegetable peels or used cans of milk or cream. House Cleaning is not really hard when you do small things immediately.

Change your sponge

Sponges are conducive for breeding bacteria because they are moist and warm. House Cleaning experts advise replacing your sponge every month or every week to avoid contamination. Sponges can accumulate 32 kinds of bacteria that multiply by the second.


You should be doing this already. Segregating your trash according to our House Cleaning professionals is also a good way to keep it your trash minimal. You can easily choose which of your trash can be recycled.

Chopping Board

Wash your chopping boards as often as possible in the dishwasher. House Cleaning teams said that the dishwasher running a hot cycle is one of the best methods to clean and sanitize your chopping boards. Another tip is to make sure that you have different chopping boards for meat, fish, vegetables and fruits to avoid cross-contamination of bacteria for the flesh of dead meat that we need to cook before consumption from the fruits and vegetables we eat fresh or raw.

Scrap bowls

The best way to keep your working station clean is to use a scrap bowl for all the peals and wastes you may have. House Cleaning will be easy if you minimize the mess as you work.

Spills, wipe it off immediately

The House Cleaning San Diego pro demands that you clean any spills immediately. “Putting the fire while it is small is easier than fighting a big one”. Always have washcloths ready for accidental spills.

Knowing how important a clean kitchen is to our health. You can create or make your own routine to keep your kitchen and appliances sanitized and safe for your family.


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