House Cleaning San Diego: How to Clean Painted Walls

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Having kids can get your walls dirty easily. One way to keep them clean is to do House Cleaning regularly. Cleaning them might take a bit of time but after seeing its result, it will be very rewarding. How to do House Cleaning with your walls while avoiding damage to them?

House Cleaning San Diego pros explored ways on how to clean your painted walls. This will be very helpful especially for those who are saving up and don’t want to paint their walls every year.

Know the Kind of Paint

In House cleaning assessing the kind and the area that you will be cleaning is important. House Cleaning San Diego shares that you should first know the kind of paint on your wall. Always put in mind that stain, flat, or eggshell finishes are not that durable so be careful that you might rub too hard. Enamel or semi-gloss paint is fine for it can last even if you wash them. Also, remember to dust the walls first before washing them. You can use the brush attachment of your vacuum to remove the dirt and dust on the surfaces of your walls.


House Cleaning must also include the safety of your things. Put towels on the floor near the baseboards of your walls to catch any water that drips off on your walls while cleaning. Also remove other appliances, furniture, or anything that can get wet while you clean.

Removing Stains

Remove the stains and smudges off your walls by following this tip from our House Cleaning San Diego team. The first option to do House Cleaning is using water. If it’s not that effective, jump to the next step which is to mix water with dishwashing soap. If it’s a stubborn stain, make a paste by combining water and baking soda and rub it in the stain of your wall. Thoroughly rinse it with clean water and a cloth.


When House Cleaning, always start at the top. Well here, start at the top wall all the way down. Use the cleaner that you made in wiping the wall then rinse it thoroughly with water. You can use separate buckets for your water and the other for your cleaning solution. Aside from using a cloth, you can also use a damp sponge. Never forget to dry the walls with a towel or cloth.

Crayon Marks

These are the typical wall problems when you have kids at home. They love to fill that white canvass with their colorful crayons. Use a sponge and a cleaner to scrub them off your wall and use a gum eraser after it gets dry.

Figuring out these ways of doing House Cleaning properly will help you save time and money especially when you have kids and pets at home who love to go around the house or loves to scratch and draw in your walls. Remember that our best team is here to help you with your House Cleaning concerns.

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