House Cleaning San Diego: How to Clean Painted Walls

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Having kids can get your walls dirty easily. One way to keep them clean is to do House Cleaning regularly. Cleaning them might take a bit of time, but after seeing their results, it will be very rewarding. How to do House Cleaning with your walls while avoiding damage to them?

House Cleaning San Diego pros explored how to clean your painted walls. This will be very helpful, especially for those who are saving up and don’t want to paint their walls yearly.

Know the Kind of Paint

In house cleaning assessing the kind and the area that you will be cleaning is important. House Cleaning San Diego shares that you should first know the kind of paint on your wall. Always keep in mind that stain, flat, or eggshell finishes are not that durable so be careful that you might rub too hard. Enamel or semi-gloss paint is fine for it can last even if you wash them. Also, remember to dust the walls first before washing them. You can use the brush attachment of your vacuum to remove the dirt and dust on the surfaces of your walls.


House cleaning is not just about maintaining cleanliness; it also involves safeguarding your belongings. Placing towels strategically near the baseboards during cleaning is a thoughtful precaution, preventing any potential water damage to the walls. Moreover, it’s essential to go the extra mile by relocating appliances and furniture susceptible to moisture, ensuring a thorough and safe cleaning process. This not only preserves the cleanliness of your home but also protects your valuables from unintended harm.

Removing Stains

Remove the stains and smudges off your walls by following this tip from our House Cleaning in San Diego team. When considering house cleaning options, employing the services of a house cleaning agency can streamline the process and ensure a professional touch. However, if you opt for a do-it-yourself approach, using water as the initial step showcases a gentle and environmentally friendly approach. This aligns with the idea of starting with the simplest solution before moving on to more robust alternatives. The addition of dishwashing soap in the second step introduces a common household item known for its grease-cutting abilities, potentially tackling more stubborn stains effectively. The recommendation to create a paste with water and baking soda for particularly tough stains demonstrates a practical and DIY-friendly strategy, utilizing everyday items for a deeper cleaning solution. Overall, this sequential approach reflects a thoughtful progression, emphasizing adaptability based on the level of cleanliness required.


When House Cleaning, always start at the top. Well here, start at the top wall all the way down. Use the cleaner that you made in wiping the wall then rinse it thoroughly with water. It’s crucial to ensure that each section is cleaned methodically to avoid any streaks or residue. You can use separate buckets for your water and the other for your cleaning solution, maintaining a systematic approach to the cleaning process. Aside from using a cloth, you can also use a damp sponge to tackle stubborn stains or dirt in hard-to-reach areas. Never forget to dry the walls with a towel or cloth promptly to prevent any potential water damage or streaking, leaving your walls looking spotless and well-maintained.

Crayon Marks

Navigating the realm of children’s artistic expressions on walls evokes a rollercoaster of emotions. The initial frustration of discovering crayon masterpieces clashes with the endearing realization that these markings embody a child’s unbridled creativity. Amid the cleanup process, one can’t help but reflect on the delicate dance of parenthood, where patience and understanding become the tools to navigate the joys and challenges of raising children. Embracing these moments as valuable teaching opportunities not only preserves the sanctity of a pristine home but also nurtures an environment where a child’s imaginative spirit can flourish.

Considering the chaotic nature of households with energetic kids and playful pets, mastering effective house-cleaning techniques becomes paramount. Implementing these strategies not only ensures a pristine living environment but also safeguards your walls from the artistic endeavors of your little ones. In the pursuit of an immaculate home, it’s crucial to recognize that time and money savings are inherent benefits. Rest assured, our dedicated team is ready to alleviate your House Cleaning worries, providing expert assistance tailored to your needs.


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