House Cleaning San Diego | How to Remove That Toilet Bowl Ring

remove toilet ring by maidservice San Diego

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending money on different products to remove to clean a toilet ring only to end up unsuccessful. It will make you end up with a closet full of useless House Cleaning products and a toilet with an unfriendly sight.

To get rid of the toilet bowl ring, here are some House Cleaning tips brought to you by House Cleaning San Diego. It will make you find effective products and ways to remove that stubborn toilet ring.

Never Mix Cleaning Solutions

The first thing that you should know before doing House Cleaning is to never mix the cleaning solutions. Doing this can cause dangerous and caustic gases to form that might quickly overwhelm you. Remember that after using a product and it’s unsuccessful, rinse it first and completely ventilate the area before using another.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

This is our most common House Cleaning mixture. If you’re not familiar with doing it, vinegar is an acid that dissolves minerals that precipitate out of the water in the toilet bowl surface. The baking soda when added to the vinegar neutralizes it. It will form a bubble with a fizzy reaction that will break up minerals and carry them away. It’s environmentally friendly for there are no harsh chemicals used.


If the ring in your toilet is pink or orange, the cause is bacteria or mold. Bleach is effective in this kind of problem. However, if it’s a black ring, bleach doesn’t work with it. Using bleach alone isn’t recommended though. Instead, use a cleaner with bleach. They will combat grime, grease, and dirt, and also bacteria. 

Magic Eraser

Maybe it’s unusual for you, but a magic eraser is also an effective House Cleaning agent found by House Cleaning San Diego. Simply drop a quarter of magic eraser into the bowl and let it sit overnight. It will work for rings that are not too large and stubborn.

Use Cola

Take a can of cola and simply pour it into your toilet bowl. The acid in soda will eat away stains and lime grain. It doesn’t have to be any name brand cola. Just let the cola sit for about an hour before flushing. It’s a great way to remove the toilet ring especially if you don’t want to do the scrubbing. However, if it’s a stubborn stain, it might be good to get a brush and scrub.


Some people use a borax based solution when doing House Cleaning. It’s effective and simple to use. But then, you don’t have to mix it with other ingredients, you just have to pour one cup of borax into your bowl. Let it sit for a few hours and then flush. Just like any option, if it’s a stubborn ring, you will have to do the scrubbing.

Using these House Cleaning hacks from House Cleaning San Diego will not only save your money but will also protect the environment when using lenient chemicals.