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remove toilet ring by maidservice San Diego

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending money on different products to remove to clean a toilet ring only to end up unsuccessful. It will make you end up with a closet full of useless house cleaning products and a toilet with an unfriendly sight.

To get rid of the toilet bowl ring, here are some House Cleaning tips brought to you by House Cleaning San Diego. It will help you find effective products and ways to remove that stubborn toilet ring.

Never Mix Cleaning Solutions

The first thing that you should know before doing House Cleaning is to never mix the cleaning solutions. Doing this can cause dangerous and caustic gases to form that might quickly overwhelm you. Remember that after using a product and it’s unsuccessful, rinse it first and completely ventilate the area before using another.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

This is our most common House Cleaning mixture. If you’re not familiar with doing it, vinegar is an acid that dissolves minerals that precipitate out of the water in the toilet bowl surface. The baking soda when added to the vinegar neutralizes it. It will form a bubble with a fizzy reaction that will break up minerals and carry them away. It’s environmentally friendly for there are no harsh chemicals used.


If the persistent pink or orange ring in your toilet is causing concern, it’s essential to recognize that bacteria or mold might be the culprit. The vivid colors signal a need for action, and the application of bleach proves effective in tackling these microbial invaders. On the other hand, the enigmatic black ring poses a more formidable challenge, rendering bleach ineffective. To overcome this issue, opting for a specialized cleaner that incorporates bleach becomes imperative. By choosing a cleaner with bleach, not only do you address the bacteria and mold issues, but you also simultaneously combat grime, grease, and dirt, ensuring a thorough sanitation process.


Magic Eraser

While the idea of using a magic eraser for house cleaning might seem unconventional at first, it’s a testament to the versatile nature of this cleaning tool. House Cleaning San Diego‘s recommendation to let a quarter of the magic eraser sit in the bowl overnight showcases the product’s potential beyond its typical use. The simplicity of this method is appealing, making it an accessible solution for dealing with smaller and less stubborn stains or rings. Overall, exploring unconventional yet effective cleaning methods can lead to surprising and efficient solutions for maintaining a tidy home.

Use Cola

Pouring cola into the toilet bowl to remove stains is a clever household hack, utilizing the acid in the soda to tackle lime and stains effectively. The idea of using any cola brand makes it a convenient and affordable solution for households. Allowing the cola to sit for an hour before flushing provides a hassle-free method for those averse to scrubbing. Despite its efficacy, it’s pragmatic to acknowledge that stubborn stains might still require manual intervention with a brush for optimal results.


Some people use a borax based solution when doing deep cleaning. It’s effective and simple to use. But then, you don’t have to mix it with other ingredients, you just have to pour one cup of borax into your bowl. Let it sit for a few hours and then flush. Just like any option, if it’s a stubborn ring, you will have to do the scrubbing.

Implementing the House Cleaning hacks from House Cleaning San Diego is a wise decision, as it not only contributes to cost savings but also demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility by utilizing gentle cleaning agents. The practical tips provided by the experts can significantly reduce expenses associated with cleaning supplies, offering a budget-friendly alternative for households. Furthermore, adopting eco-friendly practices aligns with the growing global awareness of the need to minimize the ecological impact of everyday activities. By incorporating these hacks, individuals can enjoy a clean and healthy living space while actively participating in the broader movement toward sustainable living.




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