Cleaning Your Home’s Grout Joints

house cleaning services for grout joints

Grout is susceptible to blemishes due to its often light coloring and porous structure. Thus, dirt and filth are the most usual culprits in a tiled entryway or mudroom.

Before you get your House Cleaning started, keep in mind that with any House Cleaning operation, it is better to start with the mildest House Cleaning solution possible, suggests the House Cleaning experts in San Diego. 

Clean Your Tiles

You may clean most types of tile, including porcelain and ceramic, with a DIY grout House Cleaning solution made from the warm water and dishwashing soap. Diluted vinegar is a typical tip, says a pro in House Cleaning from San Diego. However, vinegar is quite acidic. If the House Cleaning solution is too powerful, it will weaken and harm the grout, and vinegar will etch stone tiles. Instead, use a softer House Cleaning solution of water and dishwashing detergent and clean with a damp microfiber towel. 

Scour dirty grout with a stiff-bristled brush and warm water. 

If there is no available brush for the job, most home centers and hardware stores provide various choices intended expressly for House Cleaning grout. Saturate the lines with warm water and scour in a circular motion, then allow to dry. 

For several minutes, spray with a House Cleaning mixture of equal parts vinegar and warm water. Produce a 50/50 solution of vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. After spraying the grout, scour it with a firm brush after five minutes.

Scrub Bathroom Tiles with Steam 

You are undoubtedly dealing with not only bathroom surface filth and debris but also soap scum residue. Make things more manageable on yourself by sprinkling surface cleaner over the tiled flooring and shower walls, then turning on the hot water for five minutes until steam builds up. Allow twenty minutes for the tiles to become visibly more manageable to clean with a microfiber cloth. 

Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Grout 

Grout that has been faintly stained: You can also scour discolored grout with a small brush or toothbrush and a strong bleach solution. But avoid scouring too hard to avoid damaging the tile. To avoid bleach splattering in your eyes, wear safety goggles and keep the workspace well aired. Alternatively, use a foaming cleaner, which may require several minutes of soaking to be productive. 

If your grout is significantly soiled and discolored, it is time to replace it. Grout removal tools are sold and rented at tile stores. Scour the grout using the tool being careful not to harm the surrounding tile. With a tough bleach solution, clean your grout. Lastly, re-grout and seal the area. 

Keep It Clean

Using a grout sealer is the most reliable method to protect all of your hard work. Sealers obliterate dirt and filth by filling the pores of the grout. Allow at least a day for the grout to cure completely before adding the sealant. The frequency with which you should reseal your tile relies on the sealer you use and the amount of traffic the area receives.


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