House Cleaning Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

home cleaning kitchen drawers

Homeowners should enjoy starting the year with a clean slate and a well-organized home, beginning with their kitchens. Organize your unorganized and cluttered kitchen drawers during your House Cleaning maintenance. Baking, cooking, and hosting have taken their toll, and it’s time to organize and clean out the kitchen drawers! 

Remove Everything From the Room

An organized kitchen starts by emptying all of the drawers. The House Cleaning experts of San Diego recommend you transfer everything and divide it into three piles: one to donate, one to keep, and one to toss away in the House Cleaning process. Discard the items you no longer use, anything missing a part, and anything that is damaged. 

Make Use of the Correct Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are an excellent House Cleaning means to bring order to a cluttered drawer. For some drawers/items, they are not always necessary or efficient. Drawer organizers are well worth the money for wide, spacious drawers or drawers that house plenty of small objects. However, not all drawer organizers are created equal, so finding the right ones for your drawers and lifestyle is a crucial aspect of truly maximizing the capacity in your drawers, reminds the House Cleaning San Diego team. 

Stack Like Items

Organize your deep kitchen drawers by stacking items. These wide drawers are ideal for casserole plates and mixing bowls. To save space, think about stacking dishes, but only if they fit together neatly. Avoid stacking more than three at a time.

Organizer for Pots and Pans in a Pull-out Drawer

Use pull-out organizers, so you can hang up to a hundred pounds of pots and pans on adjustable hooks, avoiding smashing and clattering and being confronted with a kitchen avalanche.

Maximize Space

Even with meticulous measurement, planning, and buying, finding off-the-shelf organizers that properly fit your drawers is unusual. Thus, reduce the amount of space left by an organizer. To begin, rotate your organizers in every possible configuration to discover the most space-efficient House Cleaning solution. 

Lastly, check if you can fill in any gaps with extra organizers, boxes, or containers to make the drawer more usable. 

Inside Your Cabinets, Use Turntables

When making any dead space functional in the kitchen, turntables are the secret House Cleaning weapon. Use them to make spices more accessible or to view and grab the exact hot sauce you need from your collection. They are also beneficial for organizing oil bottles that you could put in the cabinet adjacent to the stove for quick House Cleaning access when cooking. 

Organizer for Baking Pans

Experts in House Cleaning in San Diego suggest that rather than stacking your ceramic baking plates on top of one another, give each one its own resting space. For simple access, place a set of plastic or wood drawer dividers in a convenient location. 

Knife Organizer Built-in

Install built-in storage blocks to keep knives from knocking around and putting your hands in harm’s way once you’ve determined the dimensions of your drawer.

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