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The most complicated job in the world is being a parent. You are on duty 24/7 and you get zero pay! Doing House Cleaning and keeping the family on schedule can be very exhausting and time-consuming. Many parents need to maintain a good-paying job to keep up with all the expenses of the family. Most of the time you feel guilty not spending time with family because of the after-school events, running errands to House Cleaning that need to be attended to as soon as possible.

We need a game plan to be able to keep up with work, school, and House Cleaning and be better parents.

1. To-Do List and a Planning Meal Plan

House Cleaning San Diego’s mantra, ”Prevention is better than cure.” Knowing what you are up against in the next few days will equip you mentally. Always try to map out all your house-cleaning events even before the week starts. Then work out the week’s meals and buy everything you will need from the grocery so that you are ready to go come Monday.

2. Create a Chore Chart

As parents, we need our children to help keep the home tidy. It is a good way to instill in them that everyone has a responsibility. Everyone will get a turn on all the chores and experience them, (taking turns in all the House Cleaning like taking out the garbage, washing dishes, vacuuming the floor, and doing laundry). This will develop discipline.

3. Establish a Family Conference Room

This centralized Command Center provides a streamlined approach to managing daily tasks and responsibilities. With designated sections for to-do lists, meal planning, and deep cleaning schedules, it becomes a comprehensive hub for organizational efficiency. Additionally, the convenience extends to essential reminders like bills, school meetings, field trips, and shopping lists, ensuring that nothing important gets overlooked. By consolidating these elements in one accessible location, individuals can navigate their daily lives with ease and stay on top of their commitments.

4. Everyday Laundry


Building the habit of not waiting for a week before loading the washer is essential for maintaining a tidy home. By putting a load of laundry every day, you can significantly reduce the burden of chores on the weekends. Additionally, involving the kids in the process by having them fold and stow their clothes before bedtime not only teaches responsibility but also contributes to a more organized household. Making it a part of the chore chart ensures that everyone in the family plays a role in maintaining cleanliness and order.

5. Pack Everything the Night Before

Taking a few minutes in the evening to organize your belongings ensures a smooth start to the day. This habit minimizes the chances of overlooking essential items, contributing to a stress-free morning routine. With everything neatly packed the night before, you can enjoy a calm and relaxed atmosphere as you prepare for school or work. A sense of preparedness can enhance your overall productivity and set a positive tone for the day ahead.

6. Regular Purging

Donate, sell, or throw away anything that has not been used for the last 6 months. The more things you hold on to the more difficult it is to declutter your home. Ask yourself if certain clothing, bags, or pairs of shoes still spark joy and if the answer is no. The House Cleaning Team in San Diego’s number 1 rule is not to pile up clutter.

7. Take a Break

House cleaning can be exhausting, taking a toll on both physical and mental well-being. Everyone deserves some time off to recharge and rejuvenate. In this context, it’s beneficial for both parents and children to schedule regular breaks every week, allowing them the opportunity to recuperate and simply relax. This practice can contribute to a healthier and more balanced family dynamic.


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