How to Clean Ceramic Floors

How to Clean Ceramic Floors

Sweeping ceramic floor tile is one of the most straightforward House Cleaning tasks. Ceramic tile flooring can be seen in almost all of the rooms inside a house. This material is commonly used because of its durability. Furthermore, as unwanted particles are evident on the material, it becomes easy to wipe. 

According to the House Cleaning authorities from San Diego, to make your ceramic floor tiles look sparkling, you can follow these processes:

1. Clean up loose debris:

You can include the regular sweeping or vacuuming of your tile floors on your House Cleaning checklist. Although the ceramic tiles may be resilient to dirt, sand and grit can dull the glassy surfaces. Quickly clean up noticeable debris.

2. Choose the right floor mop:

Clean tile with mild House Cleaning detergent and clean water using a rag or chamois-type mop rather than a sponge mop. Sponge mops tend to push dirty water into the grout lines and making them tougher to clean. That is why rag or chamois-type mops are best for cleaning ceramic tile. Frequently change the water while mopping; dirty water equals a gray floor. Do deep House Cleaning, and scrub your ceramic tile floor with an electric floor washer or polisher scrubber. To get a good deal on mops or polishers, you can buy from the House Cleaning store in San Diego. 

3. Be on the look for tile stains:

If you see grime, try to determine what element made the stain. The cleaner will be dependent on the type of stain on your floor. Use a suitable House Cleaning cleaner for the blemish for the most effective cleaning. Check on the procedures from the packaging on how to apply the House Cleaning solution properly.

4. Watch for soap residue:

If your tiles look cloudy even after you accomplish your House Cleaning schedule, you might be dealing with soapy scum. To deal with it, eradicate the film with a nonabrasive all-purpose cleaning solution. A homemade cleaner with mild acid (such as fresh lemon juice) on ceramic or porcelain tiles (but never on stone tiles) is another option.

Dry the tiles: Don’t let your glazy ceramic tile floors air dry. The sitting water can form water spots on the floor. Be careful about drying the floor with a clean, lint-free cloth. Dry the floor instantaneously after washing.

How Often to Clean Tile Floors

To keep your ceramic tile looking sparkling clean, the House Cleaning specialists of San Diego recommend a regular cleaning schedule of both dry and wet cleaning.

Dry clean:

When you see visible fragments, sweep or vacuum weekly. Use a soft-bristle vacuum attachment. To complete the task, use a hand broom and dustpan.

Wet clean:

Mop your ceramic tile floor weekly or bi-weekly. Meticulously look for dust or dirt on your grout once every few months or whenever it’s looking dirty. After cleaning with a wet rag or mop, make sure to wipe the floor with a dry rag or cloth to avoid slippery areas. 


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