How to Clean Lampshades and other Light Fixtures

How to Clean Lampshades and other Light Fixtures

Knowing how to clean lampshades is one of those difficult House Cleaning activities that transform your space from neat to spotless. Lampshades can become filthy as a result of dirty hands, household dust, and pet hair. Lampshades are similar to jewelry in another way: the nice ones aren’t inexpensive. Some of the lampshades cost more than the lamp they’re attached to, so some work hard to keep them clean. The House Cleaning team in San Diego gave some tips on how to clean the various types of lampshades.

1. Fabric Lampshade –

The House Cleaning professionals in San Diego said that there are two types of cleaning methods: dry cleaning and water cleansing. In other circumstances, we have the option of washing. Because cloth items are readily polluted with dust, we may pat the dust off their surface before washing and then gently immerse the lampshade in warm water with detergent during the House Cleaning. For regions with a lot of filth, we may use a soft toothbrush to clean it and then allow it to dry.

2. Glass Lampshade –

If it cannot be dismantled, the process must be carried out with total power failure, rather than simply turning off the switch. Pay attention to the security of the standing posture, and then use a wet towel to wash and wipe it with clean water during the House Cleaning.

3. Resin Lampshade –

Since the resin substance is unique, it is prone to dust accumulation and static electricity generation. As a result, using a feather duster to beat the dust is not advised. It is advised that during the House Cleaning, you clean it with a synthetic fiber duster.

4. Bamboo Wood Lampshade –

The major materials of its lampshade are bamboo and wood, and it takes some time to dry. It is advised that you study the weather forecast for the following few days before cleaning. If the following many days are bright to overcast and the humidity is less than half, we can clean the bamboo and wood lampshades with water. When doing theHouse Cleaning, we can add an appropriate concentration of sodium to the water, which could also significantly raise the strength and hardness of bamboo and reclaimed lumber.

5. Crystal Pendant Lights –

The craftsmanship of this sort of lampshade is delicate and elegant, but cleaning is quite difficult. If the lampshade is constructed of crystal beads and metal, it may be washed with a mild detergent straight away. After doing the House Cleaning, blot the surface with a dry cloth and allow it to dry naturally. If the glass beads are strung on a thread, avoid getting the thread wet.

The correct lampshade can light up a space, but only if it’s clean. Learn how to clean a table lamp, whether it’s made of fabric or paper, with this instruction. Learn how to clean all of the lampshades in your House Cleaning by reading the tips of the House Cleaning crew in San Diego.


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